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oh monday. lots of stories of not so happy family time from my students. they seem so young. they often just need to hear that they are in fact in charge of their lives. they can set boundaries, say no, not feel guilty. oh. and i drew a plant. #tw #2016lssketchbook
i had jury duty today. it was kind of awful but also enlightening. in the end i have to say i'm proud to live where i do. the diversity of the room was refreshing. i had to doodle to kill time and i was reminded why i don't really draw people so much 😆#2016lssketchbook
it's @sarahderagon 's adorable bear ! #sketch_otherpeoplespets #2016lssketchbook #tw
i wish i could do this kind of stuff all day long. matching threads to watercolors. #inthestudio #2016lssketchbook #tw
yesterday they worked on plants again. i tried out my new brush #watercolor markers and contemplated skill vs. crutch. #tw #2016lssketchbook
oh hello. I have not been around. things have reached that point of crazytown. where I have 6 weeks until a solo show. stacks of grading and a show I co-curated. all good stuff. but means lack of posting and looking. but 👋. today in drawing one they had to draw plants with ink and 1 other media. so I did it too. watching happy accidents is the best antidote. #2016lssketchbook #tw #iteachart
at first I was going to do the pod some crazy color. but somehow when I #watercolor I'm mesmerized by mimicry. #2016lssketchbook #tw
she did her homework. I drew a plant. yesterday was the first day of classes. I talked about the importance of a sketchbook. that things done in 30 seconds can have as much value as things done in 5 hours. trying to live by example. #2016lssketchbook #tw
night lilies. #2016lssketchbook #tw
trying to capture an amazing zinnia #2016lssketchbook #watercolor #tw
she's on balance beam- I'm fascinated by the props and shapes. #2016lssketchbook #tw
late night therapeutic watercolor session. husband planted these amazing black cherry tomatoes- had to paint them. #2016lssketchbook