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Who can say no to potato skins...?
Adventures with you aren't too bad...
Swinging into February like...
Let's float at Flochella
Some Sundays we get over powered by guano and see beautiful sights. 💩 
Let's go to the beach, beach...
When bae says let's take a nice photo, but you are slightly to drunk to look good. 
I think wine and sunsets are my favorite thing in the universe...
Let's just sit on decks and watch sunsets with wine...@brianna.tancred thank you for smiles.
What do you do on a rainy night after knocking yourself out... Movie night with @brianna.tancred
On Saturdays we be vibing to good music, engaging with beautiful souls and laughing that belly laugh.
Some Thursdays I sit on cliff edges and watch as my water bottle falls too far.