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Musician, artist, friend & mother. Evanescence's new album, Synthesis, is available now!

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Stopped by my old high school today and it warmed my heart to run into mi profesora de Español! Te amo, Sra. Reinhardt! 😎 The coolest.
Well, I held out for 36 years but today I got my first tattoo. It’s exactly what my brother wanted, but didn’t get the chance to get. I always thought it was cool but it means more to me now. Besides the fact that playing Zelda together was one of our favorite things, he took a piece of my heart with him when he left. I love you forever, Robby!
Love to all the mommies tonight! ❤️
11 years ago today I married you, in my parents backyard. If we had to go back I’d do it all over again, right now (can we please!?!?) I love you Joshy!
Raise your hand if it’s raining where you are
Making beautiful music together on #internationalwomensday ❤️
#Repost @lindseystirling ・・・
Dreams coming true, Summer 2018.
Sydney Opera House- inside looking out
Well it was supposed to be more of a combined effort but Jack just ate all the decorations and dyed his hands red while I made these. Happy Holidays!
Blown away by the talented and genuine @lindseystirling last night at her #warmerinthewinter show in Portland! So good to finally meet you face to face! ❤️
Flashback to the year I got this for Christmas. I wore this thing OUT. Took it to sleepovers, headphones in the dark, rewind rewind rewind to learn guitar parts, piano parts and make up my own harmonies. I ❤️ you, @smashingpumpkins !