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Musician, artist, friend & mother. Evanescence's new album, Synthesis, is available now!

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About to play my favorite venue in NY for the first time ever! There is nowhere on earth I’d rather end our first tour of #synthesis and celebrate release day! BROOKLYN!!!!!! ❤️ @kingsbklyn
Just want to thank a few the amazing people who made this album happen. It’s an honor and a gift to work with people I respect so much, to have our music graced by their talent and efforts. Photo 1: David Campbell (composer and orchestrator), 2: Damian Taylor (mixer) and Will (Science) Hunt (producer, co-writer and programmer), 3: Paul Brown (director and photographer)
Love you all!!
Ok. Headphones ON 
This tour has been an amazing adventure, flying by so fast I’ve hardly had time to post anything! So get ready for some flashbacks. This was after the show in Boston late Sunday night. I like to go back onto the stage sometimes, after its all over and the gear is all loaded out, and just soak it in. I’m so honored to play such a beautiful and historic place, (fun fact about The Orpheum- in addition to many other epic performers and speakers, it’s where the 3 Stooges had their first gig!!) and so grateful to work with such good friends. 15 years, Beth! Thanks for always sticking by my side 🥂😘 #bff
Magical, family warmth tonight in DFW. My parents and brother came, our Ft Worth family, their families, our LR friends, my son watched side stage, and in this pic, team Spaceway! The dreamers of dreams! I feel so much love and gratitude in this moment- I am humbled by all I’ve been given. Thank you, dear family and friends for supporting me and my band. So happy to share it with you this way tonight ❤️ I love you Tabbychan!!! @spacewayproductions @danielreesemurphy @lanyewest @chanceidontknowyourinstahandlebutyoustillrule
Look at these handmade socks @jen_majura just made for us!! 😍 Jack loves em, thank you JenJen!!
Just saw the final edit of the Imperfection video... I’m beside myself, you’re gonna love it. (When? SOOOOOONN!!!) 😜 but seriously, very soon. #synthesis #imperfection @baudarmutt This is on another level, Paul!
Just toured the fascinating @steinwayandsons factory and met the beautiful instrument I'll be taking out on the road with me. I am incredibly honored and so excited about the role Steinway is playing in #synthesis both live and in the studio.
Time for a #copperphone whisper track
where I've been hiding....
Date night in my city 
#nyc #noplacelikehome
My happy place ❤️🍜 I missed my boy so much! 
#ramen time!