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Musician, artist, friend & mother. Evanescence's new album, Synthesis, is available now!

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Sydney Opera House- inside looking out
Well it was supposed to be more of a combined effort but Jack just ate all the decorations and dyed his hands red while I made these. Happy Holidays!
Blown away by the talented and genuine @lindseystirling last night at her #warmerinthewinter show in Portland! So good to finally meet you face to face! 笶、ク
Flashback to the year I got this for Christmas. I wore this thing OUT. Took it to sleepovers, headphones in the dark, rewind rewind rewind to learn guitar parts, piano parts and make up my own harmonies. I 笶、ク you, @smashingpumpkins !
Can窶冲 wait to play in the gorgeous State Theater in Minneapolis tonight. I mean seriously, this is just the lobby! 沽
It窶冱 been a long time since I窶况e worn my own merch. But I love this hoodie! It窶冱 so cozy
Another breathtaking venue! 沽 See you tonight, Chicago, can窶冲 wait!!
Thinking of you at rehearsals today @garbage ! 笶、ク条沽
Just landed in Chicago and flashing back to a former life. Once upon a time I lived in Rockford, IL. In the grand scheme of things it was a short time, but it was so big! First kiss, first ear piercings, first Beethoven piece, ghost stories and ice skating... Everything felt so important in 5th grade! I remember taking a road trip to Chicago with my family from there and as we drove into the city I was so excited, tuning into all the different radio stations on my boom box in the back seat and listening to what the big city people were listening to. I specifically remember Onyx, Naughty by Nature, And Duran Duran. 1993! Wherefore art thou! 沽
About to play my favorite venue in NY for the first time ever! There is nowhere on earth I窶囘 rather end our first tour of #synthesis and celebrate release day! BROOKLYN!!!!!! 笶、ク @kingsbklyn
Just want to thank a few the amazing people who made this album happen. It窶冱 an honor and a gift to work with people I respect so much, to have our music graced by their talent and efforts. Photo 1: David Campbell (composer and orchestrator), 2: Damian Taylor (mixer) and Will (Science) Hunt (producer, co-writer and programmer), 3: Paul Brown (director and photographer)
Love you all!!
Ok. Headphones ON