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So then we went to the after-party and there was #karaoke so THIS happened 😂 Had to get my Janis on in Woodstock! @woodstockfilmfest
Hanging out with @chuckpalmer and @iamabfalecbaldwin and the BLIND premiere at Woodstock Film festival!
Practicing for @evanescenceofficial tour on a rainy Saturday, & just enjoying this piano part all by itself
Still fits ;)
One of my favorites
Aw, hello old friend. Recognize this one?
I was rummaging through the attic for something else but, Hmmm....what's in here?
I'm getting some pretty awesome reaction videos for Dream Too Much over here! This is my friend Aelie doing some interpretive dance! Let's see some more kid vids! 😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
My new Children's album, Dream Too Much, is available now! LINK IN PROFILE
Love it when I get surprise-visited after nap time. (Now why is everything panned left and where is my trackball?)
A memory burns a hole in the heavens