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No Pain, No Gain...Right? Today’s lesson:
Don’t try to show off for the snacks in the gym. It will go wrong 100% of the time. When you’re done, just be done. 😂 Today’s injury is brought to you from Platform Jumps. Let’s just say I didn’t make it all the way up on my last set!
@jayrellis , I tried to wait for you! I’m sure I’ll catch you before I leave LA though 😉
Dollar and a Dream: How I Made A Stack in 2 Weeks Through My Side Hustle.

In honor of @j.cole day *January 28th*, I have released a blogpost on how I made $1,000.00 and became a Posh Ambassador in 2 weeks! No schemes, no gimmicks. When I eat, we all eat. Financial Freedom is truly one of the keys to moving out of bondage, and I want to help you ALL! 
If you want the nitty gritty on how I made a stack all while being a 2nd year medical student, running a blog, and trying to save the world, leave me feedback. I’d love to start a blog series on EXACTLY what I did, and how to gain financial freedom! The link to my site is in my bio!
Also, if you didn’t notice, my entire blog “beautyandthemd” is geared towards my love for J. Cole. Please go show him some love today, and tag me while you’re at it! #jcole #coleworld #january28th #beautyandthemd #financialfreedom #getmoneyquick #easymoney #rich #wealth #money #medicalschool #poshmark
No Excuses. No games. I’m trying to be #BodyGoals. Working on the total package. It was a nice little study break, but now it’s back to school to put that mental work in. #workhardplayhard #nopainnogain #beautyandthemd
“Chapter 3: The Sideline Story “ is now up on my blog www.beautyandthemd.com (link is in my bio). Recounting the past is definitely hard, but it has forced me to remember how God has gone before me and made provisions for my success. Just as he’s done this for me, he will do it for you. The world likes to keep us boxed into “earthly limits”, but what God has for us is far beyond the scope of understanding of any worldly thinker. 
Thank you all for reading my story, and I pray that you’ll share this with someone in hopes that they are encouraged to follow their dreams!

#beautyandthemd #medicine #encouragement #motivation #god #blog #doctor
Happy Friday Everyone! “Chapter 2: The Come Up” is up on my blog! Last night, we hit a HUGE milestone in that my blog is no longer under a blogspot domain. My blog is now through my own independent website! 🎉 
WE LIVE BABY!!! I truly appreciate those who take time out of their day to read my story. I have spent countless hours trying to ensure that my blog is easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, moves the reader. I have learned that I am NOT tech savvy, so working on this website alone has truly been a test of my patience/determination. I love to hear you guys’ feedback, so don’t hesitate to comment/message me! Lastly, I ask that you share this blog with someone. I am certain that it will encourage someone to keep the faith and continue pressing on! Once again, THANK YOU! #beautyandthemd #inspiration #motivation #favor #faith #medicalstudent #medschool #doctor #failure #success #blackgirlsrock
Sooooo, I did a thing this morning! I honestly don’t know why I even waited so long to do this! Time to hide my shears before I cut it ALL off! Don’t worry though guys, I stowed my hair away in a plastic baggie just in case I change my mind and want to put it back in my head! 😂
Happy New Year🎉🎉🎉 I’m kicking this year off by telling my story on my blog “BeautyAndTheMD”. Honestly, I’ve been afraid to divulge such personal information, but  I’ve prayed about it and it’s time! I’ve split my story into chapters and “Chapter 1: The Warm Up” (my background story) is up on my blog now! Please take the time to read and share with someone who might be feeling discouraged in their journey, regardless of where they are going in life. God literally snatched me out of the depths of my hardships and depression and poured out so many blessings that I don’t even have room enough to store. It’s time for me to bless someone with my story. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out. The link is in my bio!  Beautyandthemd.com  #beautyandthemd #favoraintfair #mystory #medicalstudent #futuredoctor
Christmas 2017!
Mi Familia! Literally the only thing I had on my wish list was to see them and get our annual Christmas picture. We definitely don’t know how to act when we get together...and I wouldn’t change it for the world!
My heart is so full. My Papa joined the church last week and my “Auntie” Shonda and my Antny Pooh joined church today. I cried like a BABY today. It’s something special about a young soul deciding to give his life to God. God is so good!
I wish I could have caught before and after pics of all of the lac repairs I did tonight. I had doctors pulling me aside telling me I suture better than interns. Im a perfectionist and borderline OCD so it will only get better. So when you ask why I get notified when level 1 traumas come into the ER, just know it’s because I’m GRINDING while everyone is awake, and I’m GRINDING while everyone is asleep. I’ll sleep when I’m the best at everything I do.
I felt so stylish in my lead vest, lead skirt, and matching lead “scarf” in the cardiac cath lab this morning.