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When the Fam is full of young bosses! Lanisha promoting and Young Richie Rich preaching! Surround yourself with friends who are out here regulating! @ldport28 @richardhughes1
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Mom or sister? 🤷🏽‍♀️
General Hospital 
#LostFiles #beautyandthemd
This weekend has been awesome! I rock climbed harness free with @mrskingroyalty, we celebrated Jase's birthday, I went to a cookout and did fireworks and had drinks that I will not name here, I spent some time in the ER, I had a great time at church, and I'm spending this Sunday night with my girls @princess_shenry and @ldport28 . Work hard, play hard, pray hard!
Beauty and the ED: I Secured The Bag! It's my new blog series about my adventures in the ED. I got my FIRST INTUBATION on a cardiac arrest patient 2 days ago! Read all about it on my blog #beautyandthemd (link in my bio). Also, in my spare time, I modeled my comfortable figs scrubs! All the attendings and residents gathered around me asking questions and feeling how soft my scrubs are. They are hands down the best scrubs I've ever seen. They've been washed a million times and still look great. @wearfigs , you guys should sponsor this struggling second year medical student! I'm out here making moves and representing for you guys at the same time in my one pair of scrubs! A second pair would be nice (just putting that into the atmosphere ) 😂
#figs #beautyandthemd
#Mood! I would much rather be back in Mexico or Atlanta 😒 
Side note: I was ready to get off this jet ski. The waves had already thrown us off far away from shore and I tried to pull Dee back up on while trying to get her to calm down because she can't swim! I feel like the jet ski people set us up for failure...Then he gonna try to race me. I'm competitive, but Issa no from me.
Kendrick Johnson. These cases are not anomalies. This is an EPIDEMIC. How can you read about this case and not be infuriated. HOW? So many lies. So many cover ups. Too close to home in so many ways.
Pretty Girls Like Trap Music! #birthdaybash2017 #prettygirlsliketrapmusic #2chainz #tityboi @hairweavekiller
One for the road! I needed this one 😒
Headed back to the A to celebrate!
Movies+Birthday Bash 2017 + Cookout awaits me stateside! #YouWontTakeMeOutMyElement #Patron
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Tequila tasting in Playa Del Carmen with the girls (and Willie lol). #WeTriedToMatch #Mexico