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In the rain look for rainbows 🌈in the dark look for stars ✨ -positivity

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I remember this being on of my favourite pictures of my self, before I took this picture I hadn’t taken many photo of myself that I liked!

Past few days I have had a massive headache, it’s been like a blood pitch scream but in the form of a headache? It pierces really sharp but then lingers and rings, it’s weird.

Are you guys excited for the holidays? Where are you going? 
I’m so excited, I feel this term has goon so fast though but I still need that break from school! For my holidays I’m going to Bali, I can’t wait for all the photo opportunities as the great experience!
Your beautiful, just remember that!
I have been so happy and been hanging out with people who make me happy, it really helps!
Last week I had a great time, I traveled up to Gopeng, Malaysia with my classmates for camp. It was so much fun and I enjoyed every moment of it, everyone made me small and laugh the whole time. Such a great experience loved whitewater rafting, flat waters rafting and the high ropes course. I made new friends and strengthen my relationships. Loved spending time with all these amazing people. Couldn’t stop smiling!
I have been so happy and positive recently, so proud!
Positive mindset
Positive life