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Follow and order , baju nya bagus sama tumblr banget! Di @txmblr.aesth! Bakalan ada giveaway dan untuk tau lebih lanjut nya bisa hubungi ke ig admin @sal.mooon!!jangan ketinggalan ya ;)! Dan kalau udh bakal aku spam likes!"
I got this fragrance from @syperfume, wangi strawberry nya suka banget! Fresh dan awet dipakai seharian, botolnya lucuuu suka deh pokoknya. Thankyou @syperfume! ❤️
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Got to admit, even though he aint looking at The camera he looks pretty Darn fine 😏 #mine
Fun fact: I always get nervous talking to people that i find interesting and beautiful (like if they have a beautiful soul) and i always end up moving around like a little puppy when talking to them so basically thats what happened in This picture hehe❣️🌸
Shoutout to My sweetcheeks for stealing My posts love you babe ❣️👌🏻👌🏻
Hey :)
Hii guysss look at my outfit of the day from
@ramayanadeptstore! Yuk, buruan dapetin koleksinya hanya di Ramayana! #KERENHAKSEGALABANGSA
Dress Putih by : @frd_olshop ...
Nice fitting and comfy ..thx!!
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You dont choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them'  Happy Sunday all 💕💕
Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are'  #beautifulflowers  #batu #kotabatu
Ke malang bisa lah nyobain es krim kesukaan mama pas SMP dulu;)))
Whitening Body Lotion by : @nadia_skincare  Thanks!!