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On Set of  SELEB as Jessika Meida .
I'm wearing Navigator of Scathach by Lanccelot watches 
#Lanccelot  #classic #navigator 
Thanks soo much buat semua supportnya utk SELEB perdana .. Lanjut Nonton Hari ini guysss. Sukila ke Jakarta dan bakal bertemu muka dengan Jessika Meida.  Apa yg akan terjadi? .
@megandomani1410 @rizkynazar20 @bryanandrew.official @djorghisultan .
#SELEBSCTV #sinemart_ph @sctv
Elegance is beauty that never fades
My dress by : Toolaroo New Collection 2018
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#WA :  081222642442 
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Yayy mulai Hari Ini jam 5 sore ya 💕🙏😊 @sctv @sinemart_ph 
I'm wearing beautiful rose gold necklace and earrings from @gemsbabyny made by my sister Tiffany in the heart of New York City.  She's a great jewellery designer.  Check her Summer collection at her Etsy shop or her instagram... Her designs are limited and sold fast!! 💕💕
Thank you buat semua supportnya untuk SELEB... 💙love you guys
But this one dad in particular is the best best bestest father in the whole wide world ! Not only cause he’s my dad , but because he’s never given up on me ,he’s supported me in everything that’s good for me and he always makes sure that no matter what I do ,who I’m with or where I am ,I’m happy ❤️my Popop can always makes me laugh, can always be my shoulder to cry on and can always forgive me no matter what and for that I am extremely grateful to have him as my dad !❤️ my Dad can always make the people he loves laugh hysterically whenever they’re feeling stressed and depressed 😋and that’s why he always tells me never to find someone good looking but to find someone with a good sense of humour ! Because good looks will fade but good times are forever! Once again ,  I love you Pop ! Thanks for being the bestest popop ever!!! //
P.s . 
I know bestest isn’t a word  but that’s the only word I can think of that can come close to how good my dad is ❤️❤️❤️
Travel does the Heart good 💙
Happy Holidays guys! .
Navigator of Oedipus by Lanccelot watches on my wrist 
#Lanccelot #watches #navigator #classic
Happy Idul Fitri to everyone who celebrates....all my special wishes you and your family 💕
Suka banget sama Volume Booster Waterproof Mascara Naavagreen.... Bikin my bulu Mata tampak makin tebal dan Indah..... 💕💕 jangan lupa pakai Naavagreen Make Up Series buat acara Idul Fitri kamu!!
If you can't stop thinking about it
.......BUY IT! .
My Outfit set by Toolaroo New Collection 2018 
Please note : at this time only the blue vest is available.  The black dress is Sold Out
For inquiries : 
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