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Directing outfit for #TheFlash

Huge dose of gratitude to the cast of Flash for their tolerance
@grantgust @dpanabaker @tha_los  @keiynanlonsdale @t22felton @candicekp #jesseLmartin @greydamon @ashleyrickardspowerb 
To phenom producers @gberlanti and @andrewkreisberg for the opportunity and to Todd Helbing @chipeyt for brotherhood 
@cadlymack for the script 
@kimiles for the eye 
And also @thatkevinsmith cuz he's KevinSmith 
Photo by my friend GavinDeWest
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@grantgust ALWAYS wants photos with me. He's obsessed with me, honestly. 
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If you #JoinTheHeist and give @grantgust and me and all the #TomAndGrant team money to make #TomAndGrant, then #TomAndGrant promise to stop saying #TomAndGrant 
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Thank you from #TomAndGrant 
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#TomAndGrant (sorry)
"Iris  Met You." Stadium series, Part 2.
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#TheFlash 🎵

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"The man, the legend." Stadium Series, pt 1.

"Danielle's chair" take 2 #TomAndGrant 📽 see our site below:

0ur AD Alex @a_hodgie can't keep it together for more than 3 seconds and kicks her own self off set-- so it's gettin' rougher!

@bettydubney @dpanabaker 
Tom&Grant project.
We can't get through 8 seconds. 

Outtake: "Danielle's chair"#1
Thumbs up for the film "Under the Net"


As a youth in Africa living in a family touched by malaria I became aware at an early age how the mortality rate plummets through the usage of such a simple thing: a mosquito net. 
Every villain has a weakness; the killer malaria bows to the net. 
"Directing Grant Gustin"  Part 2.