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Thumbs up for the film "Under the Net"


As a youth in Africa living in a family touched by malaria I became aware at an early age how the mortality rate plummets through the usage of such a simple thing: a mosquito net. 
Every villain has a weakness; the killer malaria bows to the net. 
"Directing Grant Gustin"  Part 2.

"Directing Grant Gustin"
Part 1.

"Do you like music?" 🎵Tom&Carlos🎵 sing in support as #TheFlash co-star @michellenharrison ("Nora Allen!") preps for new musical #CityOfAngels 

All Colors Welcome.  @cwtheflash
This T-shirt is charity!
See the T-shirt, buy the T-shirt! All proceeds support 'Nothing But Nets', an initiative of the United Nations Foundation to help fight malaria. 
Because malaria is villain-bad and fighting malaria is superhero-good. 
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Jan 21, 2017 Washington DC

Into the woods.
Giving 2016 the boot with @grantgust and @tha_los 
From @playerstribune 
Empty gym. Blank slate. 2017. 
@toddrphoto of @de11edonne