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Join us at the 3rd annual Canberra Writers Festival from 23rd - 26th August 2018. Tickets on sale now.

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This makes it all so worthwhile! Thanks @madeleinejohnswrites 
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I had such a great time at the Canberrans Taking On The World event at @cbrwritersfest today! Craig Cormick talking with Karen Viggers, Dan O’Malley and Cat Sparks . 
Some highlights were:
Cat saying she’s a fiction writer who accidentally got drunk at a party and got talked into doing a PHD. 
Dan saying he felt like he had ‘made it’ as an author when he saw someone in Woden plaza reading his book. (Aside from the fact that he has just come back from England after filming a cameo appearance in the HBO series adaption of his book The Rook...!!!) And when Karen realised AFTER getting home from her French book tour that every time she thought she has said ‘I’m so excited’ in French she’d actually said something sexual 😂 
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The girls are killing it! @kathy.lette
@jeankittson @annabelcrabb & Nikki Gemmell 
Thanks @facesbywanderlust73
FULL HOUSE for Girls' Night In! @kathy.lette @jeankittson @bkjabour Nikki Gemmel and @annabelcrabb ! 📷 @facesbywanderlust73


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Two the best Badass Women of History,  @kathy.lette and @annabelcrabb after their sold out show @national_library_of_australia . 📷 @facesbywanderlust73 
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Noah Riseman In Conversation with Allan Behm about the book Serving in Silence @oldparliamenthouse . 📷 @facesbywanderlust73
Former PM John Howard talks about the Art of Persuasion and political leadership to Sky News Political Editor,  @david_speers (being broadcast live on Sky News). 📷 @facesbywanderlust73
Honoured to have @irvine.welsh in conversation with Richard Fidler in conversation with a full house. 📷 @facesbywanderlust73
Sold out @sarahkwrites speaks with @angustrumble on The Trauma Cleaner @portraitau 
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A brilliant,  hilarious and insightful interview of @matthewreillyofficial by Emma Alberici. 
Photo by @facesbywanderlust73
Backstage about to go on,  the ever charming @matthewreillyofficial with Emma Alberici and the Governor General Peter Cosgrove and Lynne Cosgrove at Llewellyn Hall, ANU. 
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@matthewreillyofficial is here in #Canberra ! It's not too late to book tickets to his exclusive interview with Emma Alberici via our website. 
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Author and DeLorean owner Matthew Reilly has sold more than seven million books worldwide in 20 languages. Reilly will be in conversation with Emma Alberici this Sunday as part of the #canberrawritersfestival. 📷: @jamilatoderas #canberra #visitcanberra #DeLorean
We are so thrilled to have @sarahkwrites sold out session on her award winning debut biography,  The Trauma Cleaner tomorrow @portraitau .

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It is a curious feature of living in Canberra—particularly through a week as tumultuous as this one has been—that at the end of it, the principal actors on its political stage depart, some permanently, leaving behind something that feels to us locals very much like a crime scene. One almost feels like bringing in a “trauma cleaner,” such as the one Sarah Krasnostein writes about so compellingly. I am enormously excited about talking to Sarah about her fine, fascinating book at the Canberra Writers’ Festival tomorrow morning—it’s sold out! #cbrwritersfest #sarahkrasnostein #textpublishing #traumacleaner #canberrawritersfestival @portraitau