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We slayed elementary school and hope we can turn back time or atleast it will just slow down. // i was trying so hard to hold back my laughter bcs sho happy when im withchu bub🌹
Yepyepyep tell em, boss
Lil baby horsie named after the sun🐴
Oh Jakarta, please be good to me. I don't wanna have it any other way💕
All i do is sit back and watch *sips coffee* ps: this aint an ad lmao
What were we kissing goodbye to though? Oh right......that😏 (lmao)
Y so desperate
Winkwink😉 // thanks @agshoponline_ for the overall, i like it verymuchh
girls only say "hate you" to the guys that they love
Feliz cumpleaños idiota! Maaf telat, its so hard to find a good pic of you bcs youre feo.
She's a sweet dream in my beautiful nightmare
U are so tinyy and im so gemesshh