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"Caught up in the game" that was the last i heard.
Ramadhan is coming soon and i would like to apologize if i ever did someone or something wrong. InsyaAllah my heart is open for forgiveness as well and we can all start all over. // hijab from @pasteel_hijab
Lumayan kayak penyanyi asli ciaah
#waktunyaspotify decided to show up when im....mehh
Casually eatin my cereal, mindin my own business
I miss u so much can someone give me pintu kemana saja? lmao. Everything is waay harder when ur support system is in a different continent, this is ur late bday post n this is also to express how much i miss u b
I'm no good, you're no better
Shades of green, haha only my family will get this
Satin top from @byrathelabel πŸ’—
"Breathing dreams like air"
Dress from @sensebylouisa πŸ”²
When u find that one book in the library dont u ever just wanna...