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Just escorted her to the airport gate. Man, that was tough. We effin cried like little babies since lastnight, i cant believe that this day would come and we've been together for TEN effin YEARS. You are moving to a different continent, dude. Germany is effin far away! No more random sleepovers, no more dancing around together in public places when our jam came on, no more sharing makeup, no more calling eachother names, no more doing craycray stuff that we'll regret but yolo, etc. Lol jk we'll still do all of that stuff but not as often anymore. Im extremely sad that you left, but so excited for you at the same time. I know that you'll kill dem academics stuff, i trust in you. Goodluck&take care, yu giant pile of poop and i'll visit you soon, u betta loseweight till den haha. i'll miss you sosososo much!😘 jk imma find a new mainhoe.
Shake your peach🍑
Ripped at every piece but you're still a masterpiece // phone case: @thepapiers
I'm completely fine with everything that i am❤️
Oh, my darling, what if you fly?
Now you can be with me wherever i go and look after me from above. I love you, daddy❤️ i will always be your little girl.
I still can remember all of my dolls name. Is that weird? I looove taking care of something lmao
Comin thru
I love everything you hate about yourself. ✨ @habitslamp.id
My newest uni essential @tastongbag ❤️
Bby growing up too fast
Your regular uni-girls👌🏿