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Laying down all day on your birthday is 汳ッalright.
I crazily adore and admire people with hijab.. the commitment to God which is so BIG to stay put and fix our inside whatsoever.. but here's to you,my friends 沽昨汳
The sister. #mukakuberubahlagi #memangbunglongpp
Idk if these are a good photos of me but yea. Just by 2sec my face changed
THIS SMART DOG 汳歴汳歴汳歴汳歴汳歴汳歴汳歴汳歴汳 im in love
Long time no see tiba2 ketemuuuuuuuuu 汳
Really love this blazerrrr!!!! Masuk bgt buat style apapun 笶、ク鞘擘ク @wearpecaco 沽會汨沛サ沒キ : @havizadevianjani
1 week after treatment di @myclickhouse bebas jerawaaaattt 笘コク
This is one of my giant reset button. Face to face with the sea, see infinity and feel renewed.
Lovin' both styles. Im literally an indecisive human being. What about you? Big boys sweaters or dress like my last post? 沽
"Realized no one deserves the tears,i decided to fall in love with the best,myself." ~C