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The @crossfitgames is only 6 days away folks! Don窶冲 miss out on an amazing 5 weeks of taking yourself out of your comfort zone and hanging out with the greatest community on planet earth!
Active Relief HK is generously offering Coastal Fitness Members with a 25% discount ($750) on Sports Therapy services during the CrossFit Open 窶「February 22nd - March 29th窶「
Ruth is a qualified Sports Therspist who pecialises in manual therapies including deep tissue massage, cupping & scraping. Keep yourself in optimal condition throughout this Open season with recovery and maintenance Sports Therapy sessions! 
Book directly with Ruth or with Lotte or Erica at reception.
M: 69250647
FB: Active Relief HK
Insta: activereliefhk
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汳・汳・Attention all members!汳・汳・ --------
Our schedule this coming week has changed a little! Please be aware of the changes 汨so you are able to plan your training accordingly throughout Chinese New Year!
Happy New Year from the Coastal Fitness Team! Safe travels to those who are spending the time away, and good luck to all in the new year! 汾カ汳ェ
Gong Hey Fat Choy!沁嬉沛ョ
汳・汳・Tune into our Facebook Live Tonight!汳・汳・ Starting 7:30pm!
Want to know a little more about the new training block? Keen to understand the 'why' behind our group programming and ask those questions you have been dying to ask in preparation for the open? .. Now窶冱 your chance!
Tune into our Facebook live tonight with @ed_haynes_coach who will be outlining the training priorities for the CFPT group programme to get you all #openready!
Split times for Fitness, Performance and Competitors: 19:30-19:50, 19:50-20:10, 20:10-20:30.
Stay tuned and #trusttheprocess !
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Have YOU registered yet?
We will be running the CrossFit Open workouts every Saturday for the 5 weeks of the open. 
If you窶决e unsure whether to sign up.....
- A great benchmark for the rest of the season
- Awesome community atmosphere through the 5 weeks
- Challenge your family, friends and most importantly yourself
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Huge shout out to @vanessaleunghk !! 汳・汳・
Wow! Congratulations on your amazing transformation!
Vanessa has dedicated the past year to our online group programme and look at these amazing results ! 汳・ Keep up the fantastic work V!
Would you like to be a part of our growing community and follow the group programme from home?! Achieve your goals and become a stronger, healthier and fitter you? .... This is for you! 汳ェ洟ク沛サ窶坂凰ク条沛具ク鞘坂凰ク
Contact @ed_haynes_coach at for more info!!
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We窶决e Hiring! Join the @coastalfitnesshk coaching team
. . .
We窶决e looking for Health and Performance Specialists with the experience to lead Group Classes and Personal Training for a wide variety of clients.
. . .
A passion for the industry and a drive for personal and professional development in the sport of fitness is essential. Candidates should also have a strong knowledge of individual and group programming and nutrition.
. . .
Do you have a genuine passion for fitness and health and for helping those around you to achieve their personal fitness and health goals? Do you have both short and long term growth goals for yourself, both personal and professional? If the answer to these questions is 'yes' and the prospect of being part of a driven team is something that excites you, CFPT may just be the place for you.
. . .
If you窶决e interested in becoming part of our team, please send your CV and covering letter to
. . .
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Big shout out to @kingkong_ecf 汳・汳・
Shu has been following our online group programme from Shanghai for about 6 months and has made some great progress! Keep up the amazing work and dedication Shu! Getting stronger 汳ェ汳ェ
Would you like to follow our group programme from home? And be a part of our online community that shares a love and dedication for fitness and health? 
Contact @ed_haynes_coach at to find out more !! 汳・汳・
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Register now for The Open 2018!
Affiliate name: Crossfit CFPT
. . .
Step 1: visit
Step 2: sign up
Step 3: select 窶露 work out at a CrossFit affiliate窶
Step 4: select Crossfit CFPT
Step 5: complete registration
. . .
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Coaches @ed_haynes_coach & @anthayneshkcoach are currently up in Hangzhou, China, running the second athlete camp with @_teamcfc 
Great athletes, ideas and effort through Day 1!
@nikehkg @cleannutritionco @noccohk @barebells.hkg 
#CFPT #TrustTheProcess #CrossFit #Fitness #HKFitness
We are proud to announce that our Athlete Camp this weekend will be sponsored by @nikehkg @noccohk @barebells.hkg and @cleannutritionco 汳・汳・
Huge Thank You to all our sponsors !! We are all very excited to be working with you all and looking forward to seeing what this weekend has in store! 汳・沛具ク鞘坂凰ク条洟ク沛サ窶坂凰ク
Things are heating up here at Coastal Fitness!! Keeps your eyes peeled for more updates, shoutouts and inside info from our 2018 Athlete Camp this weekend!
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Why should you take part in the open? 洟避洟
The Open comes around ONCE a year. It is a time where CrossFit athletes around the globe take on 5 workouts over 5 weeks. 汳・
The open is a time where everyone in your gym regardless of past experience can come together for 5 weeks and experience the beauty of Crossfit. It will challenge all ability levels from a first time CrossFit open sign up to the CrossFit Games athletes
Why Sign up? 洟 
You have the opportunity to test your training. You have the opportunity to train with your community in your gym! Its a time to prove to yourself that all the hard work you have put in over the last how ever many months has been worth it.
Every chalked hand. 汳・Every deserved callused.汳・ Every bead of sweat. 汳・ 18.1 is coming and we cant wait to see you take on the challenge!
We will be signing up as a collective community ... please wait for further information from the CFPT Team!!
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