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Designer gifts that warm the ❤ & delight the mind using wood that's saved from the dust.
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Some of this week's gifts... 🎁🎁 #crafrydust
Packing hearts and other cute stuff for teachers, just before the holiday begins! #craftydust
It's almost Christmas!🎄Have you started your shopping yet? Are you almost done? Either way, check out my store for some awesome customizable gifts. Go to craftydust.com or just click the link in my profile. You can always talk to me if you need any help. The cut off date to order is next Saturday (8 Dec) if you want everything to reach you before Christmas. So order fast! #craftydust
Just so you know, I've got these 3 UAE National day items on sale right now & ready to ship! 
Hurry and get yours now if you want it! Go to craftydust.com/sale.html or click the link in my profile! #craftydust
Packing away in this stormy weather today.⛈️ #craftydust
Although you'd think this sculpture is made from 2 layers of wood, it's actually 3. Each character is composed of 2 layers,  and when you look closely, the total is 3. Just let me know of you want one for your family!  #craftydust
Meet this new 'Family of 5'! Want one of your own family? Get in touch! I'm here to help. #craftydust
It was in the making for a while... Glad I made it in time for someone's birthday this summer! 
Now you can order it for someone who owns an Audi A3! Just get in touch! 😊#craftydust
Today was packing day for quite a number of orders.📦 Click the link in my profile to shop yours (www.craftydust.com) or send me an email at crafty.dust@gmail.com 
Waiting for you! 😊
I've got a folder on my laptop filled with photos of how my creations are doing in their new homes! (Of course sent to me by the owners themselves).😉 I don't usually stalk someone if they buy my designs, but I'm always on the lookout for photos like this that make my day! Always tag me if you ever post about them and I'll be more than happy to share! #crafrydust
I love it when clients share their photos.😊 It's a privilege for my work to be part of such joyous family events. Baby 👶 Abdalla was recently born! Mabrouk!🎉 #craftydust
Today is the last day to make use of the 10% promo code: FRIENDS10
Shipping is no longer free but it's still a good deal. Click the link in my profile to shop! If you have questions or need help ordering, please get in touch! Waiting for you! #crafrydust