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Designing meaningful gifts that warm the ❤ & delight the mind with wood that's saved from the dust.
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I always refered to my work as soulful or delightful... But recently, I've been enlightened when several of my clients told me that they choose Crafty Dust because my products are 'meaningful'. I think it beats everything else I used to think my work stood for, and I'm so humbled and happy.😊 My dream was always about doing something meaningful with my life, but never for a second did I think it could happen by reworking leftover pieces of wood! Life is 🍬 & surprising. 💕 #craftydust
Customize the monogram of you choice!👌Get in touch at crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
Someone who owns this laptop slate just ordered another one! Heat proof and easy to use while working at the desk... or on the couch! Couch is my choice most of the time. How about you? 
And please do be in touch if you want to order one for yourself!  crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
In time for ❤ day... A Monogram of the happy couple's initials. #craftydust
The inspiration for these tea light holders was biscuits and lace. Now available in matt gold and silver colors. #craftydust
Little Fatima's name stands ready for the reception!  I'm always proud of such moments. It means a lot when moms send me a picture like this! 😍 Thank you @bsnahdi for sharing it!  Swipe sideways to see the ones I took before packing it & sending it away. For baby name orders you can always contact me at crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
'Hamad' in Arabic!😍 This photo was kindly shared by baby Hamad's mom. Such a beautiful flower wreath encircling his wooden name! I'm delighted that my work was part of celebrating his birth. 🙏😊 #craftydust
Noora! A beautifully carved baby name. This design aimed to preserve the name's punctuation (تحريك), and so it was carved through a board rather than having it stand on it's own. (Swipe sideways to see all views) 
Get in touch if you want one for your baby! crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
And it's coasters this time... Be in touch for anything wooden at crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
What do you think it is? 😉 Swipe sideways to see! 
The brain & heart theme continues! -------------------
For custom inquires please email at crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
Gorgeous 🧠 & ❤️ wall hangings for a gorgeous couple. 😍 Swipe across to see the back. #craftydust
This new batch of docks leaves today. 🚚 #craftydust