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Designing meaningful gifts that warm the ❤ & delight the mind with wood that's saved from the dust.
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Hello Dear Friends!😊
It's been a couple of months since I posted anything on social media and I'm glad to be back! 
I thought I'd share a picture of myself laughing at my sister's joke while she was talking my photo. -------------------------
It's been a whirlwind since getting back from the summer... My kids moved to a new school this September, I've been revamping lots of things at home, working on a few Crafty Dust corporate projects, attending pysiotherapy sessions for my neck, and running errands! -------------------------
My wood work has continued throughout though, but I've been low key because there was no time to post about it. Now that things have settled down, I'm planning to make a big wooden fuss!😉
And it all starts this weekend... So brace yourself for some awesome promotions!
I really missed being here so please do let me know how you've been lately (in the comments below)!👇 Talk later! 
Hana'a 😊 #craftydust
This is my kids' bunker bed project, and I just finished making it! My 7 year old twins always fought about the idea of who would sleep on the upper bed that I kept postponing designing anything until they agreed to settle the matter between them. The idea of making a house for a bed seemed to solve the problem, with my son agreeing to the lower bed on the condition that it has a blue door that really opens and closes (which the final house does!) And my daughter was happy to stay on top with 2 sky windows in the roof that also open and close. Blue had to be incorporated since it's their favorite color, and they currently can't wait to come back from the holiday to start sleeping in it! 18 more sleeps! To see more pictures, check out my stories. 😊 #craftydust
This awesome picture showing the UAE flag-map stand was sent to me by a sweet client a while ago. It's always a pleasure to share your pictures when you send them to me! #craftydust
Eid Al Adha is just around the corner... So you may want one of these as a thoughtful gift or display. Just click the link in my profile to order! Available in a variety of colors, and the 'lantern' shape comes in 3 sizes. Click now! craftydust.com/products.html #craftydust
This time I made this cute brooch using oak wood. My previous attempts were by using meranti wood, which was nice,  but this is another level! You can sense the difference in quality when you hold it in your hands. #craftydust
For when a speech therapist speaks from the heart 🧠+❤️ #craftydust
Gotta 🚘 you love? Talk to me! crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
Still out of town but only a phone message away. If you need anything from my shop just click the link in my profile! Or talk to me via DM or at crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
Throw back from one of my favorite corporate projects. You can always get in touch if you want to order one of a kind company giveaways. Just email me at crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
The symbol for 'Psychology '. If you know a psychologist, you now know what to get her! 😉😊 #craftydust
Remember the brain & heart creations I made a while ago? 🧠+❤️? Well... here they are!... doing what they do @stephaniekebbe 's dining table !🍽🍽🍽 Thanks Steph for sharing! 😘 #craftydust
Hello! And now the phone comes in a different color!☎ #craftydust