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Watching football + drinking coffee ❤️☕️ #sundays
A year and half old!! my favorite age- but why does it have to go so fast! 
Dash is now saying Krew's name + they are playing together so much now. When I was pregnant I would day dream about what personality he would have, what he would look like, how they would get along + play. I didn't anticipate the fighting, wrestling, + crying 🙄 but all my mama dreams have come true having these sweet angels. Being a mom of boys rocks 💙#neveradullmoment #podiebros #dashmccoy
Dash and I matched so cute today in our grey + military jackets but then he ditched me for no pants, Thomas the train, and eating grapes out of a bowl on the couch so I didn't get my pic. 🤔 #momlife #theneighborwatchedustakethispic
Major home Inspo at @theoldcannery 😍 finally got us some decent dining chairs!
Wanted to be sad today, but how could I when I realize I have these guys as my best friends. Mamas got no time for that! 😜 #mamasbestfriends #podiebros
Weekend vibes 💛
One of those days where you count the minutes till bedtime, then go back in their room once they're asleep to kiss them a million times, because they're all YOURS. ❤️ #mybabies #podiebros
The view on the way to Preschool this morning 🏔 #mountrainier #enumclaw
Mama off duty ☕️
The other night as I was putting Krew to bed he started to ask me questions I never thought my 5 year old would worry about. He told me he didn't want to grow up and was very concerned about the responsibility of growing a beard, going to college, moving away, and being an adult.
 I reassured him he has so many years as a child and that he never needs to worry because his family loves him so much and yes, he can still play with legos when he has a beard. It made me sad that my sweet little boy couldn't sleep for fear of the future, but I hope he always knows that family, faith, and hard work will get him through anything in life. ❤️ Never be afraid my angel boy, you are a son of God 🌟 #krewhudson #wisebeyondhisage #childofgod
Flowerbomb 🌸
Workin on that winter bod 🙄 #thickthighssavelives