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Happy Earth Day 🌱 
It feels right to be prepping for a #nosugar diet today. Wish me luck, I'm a pretty healthy person + I'm already having withdrawals as I count sugar grams in my no pasta marinara chicken dinner. (Hashtag: send prayers) Trying to take better care of myself, my family + my 🌏 today and everyday. #earthday
It's B A S E B A L L ⚾️ season AKA: share your game snack with your baby brother + pose for a million photos for your mom to cry over when you're grown up. 😭#nevergrowup  #mybabies
All the #momlife things today--- dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, park, dog sitting, doctors office, workout clothes all day, pony tail but no mascara, bath time, runny noses, pouring rain off and on, a dinner unappreciated by the kids. I'm kind of laughing reading this cause it really sounds like my life sucks 😂 but yet there's bed time : their sweet sleepy eyes, fresh washed hair, lotioned skin + a husband who helps clean up dinner then bathes the kids...... annnnddd everything is alright. 
Also, if you missed our little Easter recap, it's on the blog today. Link in Bio
I once read that the only people who hate Mondays are the people who hate their job. Considering I get to wake up every single day and hang out with my two favorite little people in the whole entire world 🌎 I would consider my job the best there is. Sure, I clean all day, I pay bills with money that I have to stretch each month, I get to wipe butts, noses + messes--- I also have to deal with all the other parts of life like stress, heart ache + things I can not control. But today the sun is out, there's a slight breeze, the blossoms are in bloom + it's a marvelous monday in my book. Happiness is a choice, 
choose it E V E R Y D A Y! ☀️ 🌈 ☁️
H E I S R I S E N ☁️ #jesuslovesme
Easter Eve with my lover 🍺🌮🍷 feeling especially grateful for faith, family + friends. We are truly so blessed.
Happy Friday! 🐰🥚 this morning we had our first elementary school tour + turned in our paperwork for Kindergarten 😭 Que: ALL the mama tears! I'm so not ready for this. Trying to distract myself with finishing up Easter shopping today + hoping it continues to stay clear skies. No promises, fingers crossed?! 🤞🏼Hope you babes have an candy bunny filled weekend!
He whacked him on the head with that train track the whole way home 💥💥💥 also pretended it was a 🔫 for an hour. 🙄#boylife #dashmccoy #bestdad (more of Dash today on my snap story!)
3 thoughts on Sunday:  1. Got to squeeze in a little late night date with my babe over the weekend but not before I asked him to take my picture in front of a random neighbors garage. What? You don't do that? 🙄 
2. P O D C A S T S guys--- Dylan and I have started listening to them in the car, with our kids + laying in bed. It's always tricky finding one that jives with you but I seriously always feel so uplifted, motivated + encouraged listening to them. Whether it's parenting, marriage, business you know name it there is always some area in our life that could use a little self help and reminders. Right now I'm listening to @thealisonshow
3. We took the kids for a drive up the mountain yesterday and I'll give you one guess how well that went 🤦🏼‍♀️ sometimes you're spontaneous and it's fun and you're so happy you did it, and other times the kids cry the place is closed , the drive is long + you just have to laugh it off then head home for Jammie's + a movie. 😂 needless to say we agreed to make a #podolakfambucketlist plan ahead just a tad bit better. Happy weekend friends! 💛
Happy Friday Friends! 😎 There's a new blog post up with Easter Basket ideas for boys---check it out! 🐰🐰🐰 (awesome design by: @jlgarvin)
You know that feeling where you think you want to do something but you're so worried about what other people will think you stop yourself? Warranted, it's ALWAYS right to care about others feelings + how things negatively affect another person---BUT what if we just realized we need to do what's best for us, and hopefully other people understand 💛 annnnddd maybe they won't, that's okay. If you go college they'll say you are wasting your money, if you don't they'll say you are wasting your life. If you stay home with your children they'll say you're lazy and don't want to work, if you do work, well you're just a horrible mother? Maybe just maybe, you're doing your best + that's all you can do. Every story is different, I'm trying to remind myself there is no "right" path, only mine. Care about others, but also care about yourself + never apologize for doing what makes you feel good. Even if you fall, you'll get it right one day. Start a new job, move across the country, have a big family, or don't! Just- do -you. PS these "kid life is the best life" sweatshirts will be posted in my etsy shop this week! 2T-6
This weather is seriously the bees 🐝 knees--- isn't it incredibly refreshing to have a little sun in the PNW? I could have spent the entire day outside, any minute inside feels like a total waste + were soaking it all in skippin nap times and driving through the coffee stand ✌🏼 times. Also, if you don't follow my shop @shopmomlifeco we started shipping today!! I have soooo many more kiddo items coming soon but with Mother's Day right around the corner who can pass up the softest+ to die for comfortable triblend sweatshirt? Not this mom. If you're a local please DM me for the free shipping code + I'll personally deliver your order. Thank you so so much for your support love you all! 💛 #shopmomlifeco #momlife