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Missing @ofc_denirableo @ofc_denirablebali
Happy monday! ❣️
Ftv 'abang ojek idaman miss bos' Harini jam 13.30 di transtv ❣️
Minggu, 23 juli 2017 jam 13.30
ftv 'Tukang ojek idama Miss bos' tayang😉 dont miss it❣️ @md_entertainment @ftvmdofc
"Fiat juslitia et perereat moudus": Meskipun dunia ini runtuh hukum harus ditegakkan. .
Hello, I am Denira N. Wiraguna I am ready to aid in protecting the rights of every Indonesian citizen who deserves equal treatment in the eyes of the law. I am proud to be within the guidance of UPH’s Faculty of Law, and I look forward to executing justice in accordance of our nation’s statute.
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Happiness ❣️
FTV "Gagal Married" 👑🤙🏿 #ftvtranstv
Day 1 ftv "Gagal Married" 👑 #ftvtranstv
Last night premiere Mars vs Venus 🤙🏿