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The Manila Masters venue preparation video shoot.
The video will be available on youtube channel
In the middle of our activity in The Manila Masters!
He's our legend! :D
Everyone's fave! Hahahaha.
So tall !!!!! ><
Btw I got a chance to talk to him and do an interview.
And his answers are out of this world.. haha.
Wanna know? Stay tune at youtube channel ! xD
After food challenge with Slacks at live stream!!!!
*disclaimer: I'm not fasting today bcz of...... ya u know la : )))
With my fave Magina player in da wurld !!!! B-God !!!!!! ><
*bonus with megane lol*
Satu satunya player pertama yang aku berani mintain fotonya di luar main priority (artour & johan) ><
Need to be brave next time and collect all the pictures!!! lol
Bakal cerita nanti ya :D
Stream is up! LIVE from Manila Masters.
Link at bio.
Nantikan konten2 yang akan muncul dalam live streaming. Termasuk wawancara eksklusif bersama para pemain di Manila Masters.
Never knew that he is actually very kind, humble and cool at the same time.
Also very tall !!! ><
I CANNOT SPEAK.... My life is complete now :")
Thank you @arteezyarteezy .
xoxo, your biggest fangurl in da world :") *scream inside*
Tulis komen di bawah sini pertanyaan yang pengen kamu tanyain ke player yang datang ke Manila Master! :D

#Asus #AsusROG #RepublicOfGamers
Hhmmm.... beli ini juga gak yaaa~~
My 2 babies ><
#Asus #AsusROG #RepublicOfGamers