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Official business page of the Ego Maduekwe brand. Women's wear inspired by modern africa. personal page @nwakaego

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Forgive this long story: A few years ago in my dolphin store I was told by my sales person at the time (offhandly) “oh ma, we sold ......... and someone left a note for you” Me: “Who? and where’s the note?” Her: “I’m looking for it ma... but she said she’s Mandy or something...” Two days later: “Ma, I’ve found the note”. She proceeds to give me the nicest, most encouraging note anyone has ever written me. I get to the end and it’s signed “Chimamanda Adichie”. I scream at my sales girl: “You mean you don’t know who Chimamanda is?!?!?!?” She answers “I thought she looked familiar...” I’m happy to say she has now read all of her books. @chimamanda_adichie we have never met but I would like to say thank you for being such an inspiring role model to Nigerian girls. One of my daughters wants to be a writer as well and I’m so glad that you are a role model to her. 🙏🏽
New year, new beginnings, New showroom.
My darling cuz, @uwaearthfoods @obyobs is our #wcw 💛💛💛💛
The uberstylish maxxyb of the pioneering #uwaearthfoods in our emboidered denim culottes. #nigerianexcellence #kingwomen 💙💙💙
The gorgeous Tosin Otudeko of #thegardentheatre in our classic #Ronkedress. 💚💚💚 #nigerianexcellence #ebonylifetv #theweddingparty
It's @dianaopotipr in our ukara lace dress. 😍
The lovely @dianaopotipr in our scuba ukara skirt and agbada jacket.
our #unwoven embroidery print pieces on the cover of selamta, the international in flight magazine of Ethiopian airlines. 📸@Emmanueloyeleke.
More From #Egosscrapbook... Our stamp prints from our ss13 collection. Inspired by queen Victoria's colonial stamps. Out Nigerian queens, Ngozi, Iyabo, Emem and Itohan.
Sketches and inspiration for the Unwoven Collection. #Egosscrapbook