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Happy Birthday sayangnya akuh.. nih foto waktu kita masih gendut-gendutnya 🤭💕 Have a great year ahead sayangg🎀 kapan-kapan bikin acara lagi apa? Hahaha
Happy Birthday, sist! 🎂 semoga tahun ini jadi tahun yang berkesan ya 💕 moga cepet dapet jodoh eh maksudnya cepet resmi 🤭
Hahaha goodluck sis😍
Selamat hari Kartini untuk semua perempuan Indonesia ❤️ .
They say women are like diamonds, yes, we don’t crack under pressure💎
To sum up my birthday... BLESSED! Thank you God, my family, his family, friends, and you 💕💫🎂
Love is in the air or under a tree?
#22andblessed 💕🎀 birthday is an excuse to eat cakes, noodles, and open presents! Enjoy 3rd April everyone🤗
Have you ever lost in your mind? I often, when I wonder if you ever lost in your mind too when thinking of me.. 💆🏻‍♀️
You see her as a cheerful person, but you do not know how hard she struggles to keep smiling
Respect every human being, you do not know what happened to them until they become history
“You just have to trust your own madness” - Clive Barker
Siapa disana? 🧐
“We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in” - Ernest Hemingway
The privilege of being alive is to breathe, think, enjoy, and love..
Therefore share love not hatred
Thank you for the lovely dress @frabjousroom ❤️