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Grass Jelly time.
When you look out your window and get your own private fireworks and literally having some shooting out from right next to you..🎆
Sunny day down at Melby..☉☉
Here's to another year you're stuck with me..🙂 Happy New Year everyone~!!🎉
Best Christmas date 🙆 Merry Christmas from the both of us~
All I want for Christmas is all of them in one frame.. and my wish came true!! 😍
Julio Iglesias 😍
Can't believe I'm nearly a quarter of a century, not feelin any older at all.. Blessed to be spoilt rotten by ma man..😍 02 Dec 🎀
When every green man light is always filled with peope crossing..🚥
The one place other than the Tokyo subways and trains, where you can lose each other in the crowds if you don't hold hands..🙌🙆
Cheesy Sutameshi w mayo + raw egg cracked on top.🍳