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【Light Particle / 光粒子】

There is no show if you are standing on a dark stage. Likewise, there is also no show if there is no one on a bright stage. Lights and you, are the two mandatory elements that form a complete show. Meanwhile ideas of this concept film is further developed with the theme "interaction between lights and people" to deeply reflect the feeling of a first time performer on stage.
【理華會歌 照亮我的生命 / PBT Official Song】

Ever since 1985, all its activities and official meetings shall begin with the official song “Zhao Liang Wo De Sheng Ming" (Brightens My Life) to bring in the spirit of "self exploration, care for the society." If you have the opportunity to join this big family of the Tionghua Language Society, you shall experience on your own, the other interesting side of campus life.
【34th NTU Malaysian Students Orientation Camp / 你是瘋兒我是鯊】

The Chinese title is a play of words to the theme song of a historical drama "My Fair Princess". The orientation camp, held at the National Taiwan University last September adopted the setting of the Qing Dynasty, with all games and activities designed according to the storyline of the TV series.
【Once Upon A Gleam / 童心縈 · 秋月懷】

I am standing by the lakeside, looking at the reflection of my own, and then, I really saw my childhood dreams, such a big dream that no one would ever realise. The rippling of water waves, eventually conceptualises the motion graphic design of USMMAF2016.
【USMWXJ6: Wei Yang / 第六屆理大文學獎:未央】

Wei Yang, a line that connects the other, signifying a journey of life. The passion towards writing should not come to an end with the end of USMWXJ (The USM Chinese Literature Award). Instead, the journey shall go on, and the line shall connect, towards the future.
【Love Across Borders / 卷戀】

Stories are everywhere in the city, while love is around at every corner. We all have a wing and our dream is to fly. A wing doesn't seem to be enough to lift us up but a pair would be sufficient. As both of us form a pair of wings we fly up high in the sky. Far away in the peak of the mountain stood a castle of our dreams. I whisper into her ears "I love you."
【X-periment / X元素】

Our design concept is to emphasise on the spirit of thinking out of the box and walking out of our own comfort zone, focusing on the idea of breaking through. As you successfully reach a point that you have never reach before, you shall see a different picture.
【Zero To Hero / 武閣】

A tower far behind the clouds, there live a group of martial arts talents, on the annual USM Kung Fu Night, they shall reflect their skills and present you the magic of this wonderful traditional Chinese martial arts.
【Journey Through The Decade / 猴 · 十代】

It has been a successful journey. This is a very special year, such that we have decided to have not just one, but to roll out a series of ten Chinese New Year events. This is simply because this year, we are celebrating more than just a simple Chinese New Year, but also ten years of glorious moments with USMCNY.
【Reminiscent Moonlight / 牽思情 · 惜秋夜】

From a blank piece of paper to a sketch, from colourless to a colourful piece of art, the combination of shapes and clouds, the story behind the picture is interesting. We are here to show you the committees of the 3rd USM Mid Autumn Festival.
【Heng Ee Librarians Board AGM 2015 / 2015年恆中圖書館管理團常年大會】

We have handed over a series of motion graphics design for the librarians board in the effort of welcoming the next batch of committees.
【Fly High Senior Prom / 暢飛謝師晚宴】

The design theme "Golden Sky" to a meaningful event which delivers the message of success in future and an appreciation of the teacher's hardwork.