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You good today? Happy Sunday :)
Ebisu.. with blue and yellow lights. ☔️ Another fav place here in Japan.
My expression 😱 when i see this.... so cool!!! Welcome to Japan! 🇯🇵
Hello, Japan! 
私はここにいます :p 
My cute outfit of course frm @lookboutiquestore ✨
At last! Koffee mameya with Indonesia’s coffee bean🖤 #japan
When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine 🌞
Uppercut is one of my fav!😉 #boxing
Simple today. 😉

Contact lens from @eyeslandcon 🖤 👀
Calm, Relax night. #interiordesign #nice
The interior is furnished very legally✨ candles, 
almost blue💙☕️ thank you to my fav twins for bringing me here! 💕😉 @genesia22 @feliciang92 .