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California soul with a heart of gold 🐾
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When the weather can't make up its mind #LA
Thocks?....What thocks? #sockmonster
Shop 'till ya drop #tbt
Please put an end to this taunting, you're kiwing me 😤
My excitement is sometimes disguised by a look of intensity.  @pupbox yet again with the goods!
Does this cat make my butt look big?
Chance of me getting out from under this bed today?...0%
The only thing coming close to curing the #SundayScaries
Bundles available at Healthyspot.com/bestfriend and you'll get free shipping with code LOUIE
5% of the proceeds go to LA Love & Leashes
Life is short, so be shore of yourself and make some waves 🙊
Do you have size awesome??
What is better than a relaxing pawdicure? Nothing! 😴
(Don't) Wake me up before you go go #fbf