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A Mumbai sunset was the perfect moment for #teampixel photographer @nemod96 to capture silhouettes against the sky.
Meet Hector. Born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, Hector now works on our philanthropy team,, where he manages programs across Latin America, and supports our disaster relief giving and volunteer work globally. The most influential person in his life is his dad: “As a first-generation immigrant, he taught me about risk-taking and tenacity. He’s always balanced family life with the needs of the community. Whether it meant taking immigrant families into our home while they got on their feet, working with the homeless to help them rehabilitate, or volunteering to feed the needy at nearby shelters, my dad never turned down a chance show grace to those in the margins.” #HispanicHeritageMonth
This #Doogler knows the key to getting attention: 👀. Named after her Googler owner's work in UI development, here’s Widget! When not resting her head on dad’s laptop, she loves frolicking around on the beach (just not in the water).
A #MySuperG all about smooth tunes, fierce colors, leafy greens and lots of playtime. See these and all of the things you love right in your feed in the Google app.
This dreamy scene by #teampixel photographer @fefefeng places crashing waves under a cotton candy sky and shimmering moon. Tag #teampixel to your photos taken with Pixel and you might be featured.
For #HispanicHeritageMonth, we’re celebrating the fascinating stories and important contributions of our Hispanic Googlers. Today we kick things off with Susanna, whose job is to help the 57 million U.S. Hispanics connect with Google, and “build digital bridges” between Cuba and the rest of the world. “I am a product of the Cuban diaspora. My mother is American, my father was born in Cuba, and I was born in Miami. I grew up speaking two languages, blending between two cultures. Because I’m the product of a mix of cultures and nationalities, I understand the ambiguity of identity—how you can belong and not belong at the same time. This has helped me to adapt to different environments and given me the ability to blend in, to understand, and to empathize.”
On October 4th, @madebygoogle's got the answers.
The first person in a wheelchair to hike Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile, Alvaro is on a mission to make the wilderness accessible to everyone with @wheeltheworld. You can help Alvaro and other #LocalGuides make it a reality by contributing accessibility information to @googlemaps, whether it’s a mountain or a movie theater.
Wow. Much cute. Very Doge lookalike. Wave a paw to Carbon, a #Doogler from our NYC office. When he’s not gnawing on a bone, you’ll find Carbon riding the subway in a backpack or rolling around in the grass.
From 🎲 to 🍓 to 🏌️, your feed in the Google app will always show you what you love. That's why this month we're dedicating #MySuperG to all of the things that make you, you.
A frequent city-goer, #teampixel photographer recently escaped to shoot nature’s textures and shades of green in the hills of Ranikhet, Uttarakhand in India. To capture the best moments, she says, “Shoot a lot and use technology to your advantage. Use photo burst. Don't be shy to use the HDR + auto mode—you focus on the subject and let the gear worry about optimum settings. When in doubt, hit the shutter button. A mediocre photo of a wonderful moment is still better than no photo of a wonderful moment."
Hailing from our Sunnyvale office, it’s Creamy! Often mistaken for a bunny, this fuzzy #Doogler enjoys smiling, digging holes in the sand and climbing all the stairs she can.