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Salutations to @scrippsnationalspellingbee champion and Google Hangouts fan, Ananya Vinay, who visited us for a day at our Mountain View HQ. When asked what color she would choose for a dress made of marocain (her winning word and a dress fabric), she said, “I’m going to use a spelling bee word: cerulean*, which means sky blue.” *She also helped us spell it correctly. 😊
Airport or museum? @suluhpandu captures the colorful side of travel with this #pixelperfect tunnel at Raden Inten II Airport, Indonesia.
#ShowUp Stories: “I show up because I love my son. And even if my son wasn’t gay, I’d still be on the side of human rights. Try to imagine this...50 years ago, interracial marriages were unacceptable. I am half Filipino, half Japanese—it was unacceptable. I think because I went through a little bit of...feeling I was not quite good enough, it made me have to stop and think. We all need to be accepted. It’s a big me it’s a big deal.”—Jeff, Hilo, HI. How will you #ShowUp?
With larger than average paws and a winning smile—it must be Kuzco! When not basking in the sun, this Mountain View-based #Doogler enjoys chasing birds, eating napkins and sleeping in uncomfortable positions.
🎶 Come together, right now, #MySuperG. #WorldEmojiDay
For that friend who's late to the watch party. #GoogleAssistant #GoTS7
It's Sundae Funday! Share a heart-shaped photo from your favorite ice cream shop and tag #SmallThanks to celebrate #NationalIceCreamDay 🍦

Special thanks to our treat-on-the-street correspondents for the photos:, @bcandy_oc, @bailey.ellyne, @rojiecheekz, @colettagelato, @girl_racer, @foodiswhyimbroke and @JJLeeDesign.
When in doubt, talk it out. Trusted adults are essential to helping kids #BeInternetAwesome. We’ve got new resources for parents and educators at
Have a favorite small business? Share the ️♥️ with a heart-shaped photo and tag with #SmallThanks. We'll be giving them some big thanks this summer—stay tuned.
#teampixel profiles: this week we’re featuring #pixelperfect and noted professional fine art photographer @graymalin, whose sunny photos give an escape to dreamy landscapes. His advice on capturing great shots: “Once you see a moment you want to capture, try placing something familiar in it like your hand holding a cocktail, or a pair of sunglasses - it makes it more relatable."
#ShowUp Stories: “I’ve been through a lot in my life and I could be brought down by it, or I could use that fear, that sadness, and make it something good. Showing up is being there for people who, even though you may never meet them, they see you and they see you as an example. And Pride to me is just that—being yourself and just celebrating you as a person.”—Vertel, San Francisco, CA. How will you #ShowUp?
From acai to chicory, elements of the Amazon make this #MySuperG. Immerse yourself in the rainforest on #GoogleEarth at #IAmAmazon