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Who knew snowfall could be so colorful? @tylerkochanski captured this #pixelperfect urban rainbow among the flurries in NYC.
@theweloveyouproject is a photo series with a mission to photograph over 1,000 Black men and boys across the US. Photographer Bryon Summers stopped by our HQ to take photos of Black Googlers and their families as part of the project's partnership with @googleartsculture. #BlackHistoryMonth
Meet Bertrand, a product manager and member of the Black Googler Network. Through his work, he always keeps diversity and inclusivity top of mind: "It never ceases to amaze me how much enthusiasm there is in various regions when we launch in different languages. People are so excited to be included in different products." #BlackHistoryMonth
🎶Ella is for the way you look at me...🎶 Say hi to Ella, a #Doogler from our New York City office. When she's not snuggled up with her owner, she is with her one true love: her ball.
Be mine, #MySuperG. ❤
Shining bright at #LanternFestival as we mark the end of #LunarNewYear celebrations.
Is this real life? Because this #pixelperfect adventure into the blue caves of Iceland by @hotforsagan looks like a dream.
So many questions, so much VR. We're going behind the scenes of virtual reality at Google with #NatAndLo—what do you want to know? 🤔
Meet Lynette. Lynette is a global co-chair of the Black Googler Network, which strives to foster success in the Black community at Google and beyond. In her day-to-day role, she leads a team dedicated to finding top talent for Google: "I utilize my background to encourage my team to read between the lines, consider different angles, and lean in on a candidate's past impact to find them the right role at Google." #BlackHistoryMonth
Say hello to Stella, a sleepy #Doogler from our Mountain View office. A consistently late riser, she's not the most punctual pooch. 😴
Goodbye Westeros, hello Greenland. Wearing a trusty Street View Trekker backpack, @nikolajwilliamcw helped capture the country's changing landscape for Google Maps. Check out his adventure in our story.
All buttoned up and ready to take on the week with this #MySuperG from @anuroopclicks.