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🐶 2/9/15
❄️ born in MN ☀️ living in CA
⚜ AKC registered
🎾 love fetch 🏊swimming & 👩🏼mom
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sometimes you need just a little something extra, especially when recovering from PUPChella 🤤@meat_mates #yum #meat
Headed to PUPChella with the Squad like what?! ☀️🎶 #pupchella #dogsquad #pawsomemusic
Ryder Cup the Pup enjoyed da Masters, but da Ryder Cup is still his favorite golfing event 🏌🏼‍♂️⛳️#masterssunday
I shrink one hand on steering wheel and one hand petting my head, dats what dey teach in drivers ed... right?! 🚙
Nuffin like a Flashback Friday for National Puppy Day 🐶#nationalpuppyday #studfromdayone
Rain Jacket or Superman Cape?! Off to save dese Californians from da dreaded rainstorms ☔️🌧💨 they don’t know what real weader is 🙄
Green Beer = Talking Dogs 🍻🍀 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
“Mom, make a hard right. I see some b*tches over there that love to check out my fresh cut. Can’t help when look good feel good.” - Ryder 😎
Happy FRIYAY from Frankenstein 🧟‍♂️
Hi Insta Fwreinds 👋🏻 sorry for not posting I had surgery a week ago on my head, check out my bald spot 😳 the great news is I had a small tumor removed and pathology just came back benign 😁 cheers to happy healthy furry family members! 🐶💙 thankful for my wonderful Dr.Tani at South Orange County Animal Hospital 👩🏻‍⚕️
Tuesday Trivia ⁉️Gunnar or Ryder 🧐
Any uder furry friends love laying in der kennel home?! Mom never locks me in here I have free roam, but love my special space 💙🏠