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☀Sun’s out, You should be too!🥂
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All the best to a beautiful couple ! ❤️#Jillandfred 
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The anticipation...
#sunsetweddings #hkcabana #jillandfred
Thank you girls for coming and celebrating with us at Cabana! 🍾🥂🎂
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Rooftop party season is coming! #Roséerryday
Do you know G.H Mumm has unveiled its revolutionary bottle Grand Cordon Rose? If you haven’t seen it yet, why not visiting Cabana and enjoy the bottle this weekend with your beloved friends? Cheers! 
你知道 G.H Mumm 推出全新 Grand Cordon Rose 設計?如果你仲未見過的話, 不如今個星期去 Cabana 曬日光浴的時候, 同朋友仔一齊分享一支 Grand Cordon Rose!
Have you been to Art Central yet? Please visit us at Mumm Beach Bar today! Featuring live DJ music, 🍾Mumm Grand Cordon Rosé!

MUMM 海灘俱樂部把峇里風情和加州海岸的獨特海濱酒吧帶到 Art Central,仲有DJ現場打碟,Mumm Grand Cordon玫瑰香檳!今日見!
Thanks @hk01photo  for featuring Cabana. We are happy to see your fans comment and at @hkcabana we are looking forward to welcoming you all with the coolest playlist, sun and champagne 🥂 cheers! 
女生們, 男生們快來 @hkcabana 享受這裡獨有的魅力, cheers!
🥂Art Central will return to Central Harbourfront Event Space for its highly anticipated fourth edition from 27 March - 1 April 2018 [26 March First Night]. Ladies and gentleman, please meet us at Art Central Mumm Beach Bar! See you all there! Cheers! 🍾Art Central 將於3月27日至4月1日載譽回歸香港中環海濱活動空間, 並於3月26日舉辦貴賓預覧及藝博會開幕夜。Cabana 將於Art Central Mumm Beach Bar 同各位見面!
Are you ready for our Techno Sundays at Cabana? Spend your weekend at Repulse Bay and enjoy the techno music by DJ Bz while you are enjoying the incredible view of the beach, champagne to quench your thirst, and lounge chairs to relax on! 
準備好在Cabana度過Techno Sunday嗎?週末在淺水灣聽住DJ Bz 的音樂, 同時欣賞海灘美景, 飲住香檳, 躺在太陽椅上放鬆身心!
🧘‍♂Come & join us at Cabana for Full Moon Yoga and Meditation! After the yoga class, you can sit back and enjoy freshly pressed juice and fruits, before taking a dip in our famous outdoor Japanese baths. Get your tickets now! 🧘‍♀ 3月3日Cabana再次舉辦滿月瑜伽和冥想課!瑜伽課結束後, 你可以邊欣賞淺水灣的景色、邊享用鮮榨果汁和新鮮水果, 然後在戶外日式浴池放鬆身心。
In celebration of Chinese New Year, Cabana will be closed from February 16 to 23. May the coming New Year bring you joy, love and peace!