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Haloumi & Mushroom Burger: with cheese, carmelised onions serves with Piri Piri fries & Coleslaw
Nothing could go wrong if you order this here. The portobello mushroom is indeed on fleek. Adequately cooked so the texture remains a bit rough while the juice is locked in it allowing it to remain moist when consumed
6pcs of Piri Piri Wings; Marinated for 24 hours in Piri Piri spices served with side sauces. Portions come in 6pcs or 12pcs
Extremely tender and smooth in the inside and spiced appropriately on the outside. This restaurant offers great portobello and chicken related dishes, staff are extremely helpful and friendly, great place for casual dinner before you venture off to bars. You might even get some drinks there while you're at it.
Shrimp Har Gow (Dumplings) with mustard
Barbecued combination -- the famous Hong Kong barbecued pork + soil sauce chicken
Matcha fondant au chocolat
Mango crepe roll with vanilla icecream
Taste of Hong Kong for decent price
French toast with foie gras
Braised beef eggs benedict
Hokkaido scallop-oyster ceviche (pomelo, coriander, lime)
Truffle shiitake buns 😍
Beef all day er day
When one is in Japan, one cannot consume enough beef.
This place was a little bit overpriced but the meat was decent.