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- Wild yellow fin tuna tartar, plankton crackers, smoked sardines and caviar -

Impressive match with smoked sardines and caviar yet the tuna tartar is just so-so
- Duck confit casoncelli, sweet shallot sauce, truffle and Jerusalem artichoke crisps -

Awesome dish for the season of white truffle! Impressive cut for the artichoke crisps as well 
5/5 ! 
The best dish of the night🖤
-Wild caught sea bass with red prawn, semolina gnocco, smooth clams sauce-
Perfect view and excellent vibe for a fine dining experience 🌃
Fresh seafood and the clam sauce is awesome, yet the texture can be improved
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https://www.hongkongfoodie.net/food-in-hong-kong/2017/12/1/pici ********************************************************* Tagliolini

Shallot, White Truffle Paste, Fresh Shaved Black Truffle

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Address: G/F, 16 St. Francis Yard, Wan Chai

Website: https://pici.hk/

Category: Italian

Phone Number: 27555523

Open Hours:

Papperdelle // 8 hours slow cooked beef cheek ragu, onion, carrot, celery
#hongkongfoodieitalian ******************************************************
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Strozzapreti with Mussels w Boucher Mussels, Saffron, Cherry Tomato, Basel #hongkongfoodieitalian **************
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Yummy cheesy meatballs at one of the hottest Italian in town #hongkongfoodieitalian
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Enjoying this strawberry ring and realizing I went to the same place as my partner has just a few days before 😂 @erikawai
- #hongkongfoodiecafes - collection *********************
PS feat @christie_xix ‘s cigs. Calling u out
Recommended chill place for hotpot, much privacy and a decent amount of choices for your friendly hotpot night. Beef rip eyes
Great place for hotpot night, full of healthy soup base and tasty ingredients. This is the mixed - balls deluxe set. Contains:squid balls stuffed with goose liver; prawn balls with truffle; beef balls with cheese; pork balls with vegetable
#latenight devilish #foodporn
Red Velvet and Signature Sprinkles cupcake
Super moist cupcakes and the frosting wasn't too sweet 
Just on point ❤️
- #hongkongfoodieUS - collection
Autumn Bavarois Ring with Honey Truffle
Rich scent of truffle mousse topped with fruity jelly, super delicate combination 🍰
Mini installations and artworks are demonstrated around the cafe, great ambivalence as a whole
Slightly dark if you are searching for somewhere to work 
9/10 ☕️
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