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failure is a key to success ☄
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Although, we failed to celebrate this special day together compared to other's. But I know, the good things are definetly worth the wait isn't it? and I'm sure this also let us realise how important each of us stands. Many things to tell you but in short, just want to thank you for being a great bf for this 4yrs. Thank you for always putting the genuinely smile on my face when you know when I'm sad, frustrated or  annoyed. You had been an amazing person that enters my life and showing me your uncontinous ❤ 情人节快乐。
decide to go on a simple outfit on 初二 🐥☄
🐥🍊 GUJI GUJI, 祝你们初一快乐, 吃得包包,玩得开心,身体健康,财源滚滚来。 HUAT ARH!!!!! 🐥🍊
新年快乐, 🍊 happy 初一 from the lim's ☄
祝你除夕快乐,还有四年5mth 快乐 to us 💑 #photoexpired #needtotakemorephotoleluh
boosting up my 1st day of 2017 with my favourite drink ⚘
tommrow is the first and blank page of 2017, write a g0Od one 🦄 ( & I can't believe that I'm 20 soon )
missssing the seaaafoood at JB ALR 😭😭
food makes me go crAzy 🌞 #jacelynnfoodadventure
simple outfit - JB bound day 1 checked 🌞
pizza lover and aglio olio lover 💖 #jacelynnfoodadventure #foodporn
thanks for the meal @jun_hao_ah 😙😘 #jacelynnfoodadventure #foodporn