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☄failure is a key to success
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impromptu outfit with u!! Before it hits 12, happybirthday feli!! 😘✨🎉 你知道我还是很爱你的 ok!!! even though I went empty handed wishing u!! don't hate me ok?  Wish u all the best 大姐! (because u always cared abt me so much more than I care for u). 👅
在叫我吗? 🙊 📸:credits to @viontan
thank u girls + @zhihuan_zh the photographer for making my school a enjoyable one 💖 hope we'll stay together as one throughout!! Can't wait for the Malacca Trip with y'll!! xx

and ofc not forgetting you!! @napoleontongg even though you always be so vulgar to me!! HAHA. 
on a side note, get well sooon our dear Kim!! #ngeeannpoly #mykindofxtra
the class you can always count on. Rly rly rly honoured to being in the same class with each and everyone of you 💖💖 If we have the chance to participate in a competition of the most bonded class, I think we will win!! TF21 万岁!! \(≧▽≦)/ #npbfs #ngeeannpoly #mykindofxtra
it's been long , happy to be back here with my student pass ✨
before the clock strike 12, HAPPY 20TH MY 💖!! hope you really enjoyed the night earlier on and the short suprise I prepared for you! Glad to hear that it was so unexpected but you should have shed some tears kk joke😜 hope you like the super super ex but worth cake and the gift I bought you. And thankyou for the dinner treat. Your birthday today but you still 破费了!! 哈哈😽 to many more celebrations with you!!!!!! and finally schooool's out!!! Let's both enjoy our holidays.
hang on ther!!!! 3 more days and IM DONE🙀
Although, we failed to celebrate this special day together compared to other's. But I know, the good things are definetly worth the wait isn't it? and I'm sure this also let us realise how important each of us stands. Many things to tell you but in short, just want to thank you for being a great bf for this 4yrs. Thank you for always putting the genuinely smile on my face when you know when I'm sad, frustrated or  annoyed. You had been an amazing person that enters my life and showing me your uncontinous ❤ 情人节快乐。
decide to go on a simple outfit on 初二 🐥☄
🐥🍊 GUJI GUJI, 祝你们初一快乐, 吃得包包,玩得开心,身体健康,财源滚滚来。 HUAT ARH!!!!! 🐥🍊
新年快乐, 🍊 happy 初一 from the lim's ☄