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These messy fries don't taste any good. McD fries are loveeeee
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We are not makers of history. We are made by history 🕯
-Martin Luther king
That was her birthday 🤗😆😇 haha one of my favourite days of all time. How couldn't I dress up and take a selfie 😍😌😀 (1/2) vertical post
Your genetics load the gun : Unknown
Pure historic
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Try matching my IG game🤗
For some fantastic reason I have the bestest of friends. Not just friends but TONS of friends! May be that's what happens when you have a pure heart ♥ #Blessed .
It's important to respect relations even if it's friendship
Pro tips: ✨Trust actions more than sweet words
✨ A true friend will ALWAYS be true. Don't fall for temporary highlights
#HappyFriendshipDay 😆🤗
I am officially accepted into Hogwarts first year. See yea 👋🗝
"Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open" - Albus Dumbledore📿
8 months down this year and it has been the great one in 6 years just because of this VERY simple switch that I made in my life✨
The switch was literally that one emotion, allow me to elobrate on this because if you are reading this then I want you to know that you can achieve that thing(whether it's a relationship, that dream house, a car, couple more millions in bank account, luxuary life, gaining wisdom, freedom from limitations/office/work/worst nightmares of your life.) by just switching your brain to go towards it. This is what I did.
Everyone has a switching emotion and my switching emotion either comes from being extremely hurt from my most trusted family/friends because you don't expect them to do anything wrong with you, OR from extreme anger (Note: They are not my weaknesses, they are my strengths so any future enemies/media companies pls don't note it down haha) so after a lot of chances and adoptiveness and compromises, one day I felt miserable about my own condition that - "I'm trying my 100%, not even 99.999%. A complete 100% for this person/or a thing... And that's what I get for being true, kind and dedicated?"
I had enough, I said to myself. Let it go, let me pass right through it because the only way you can ever get past through a phase/chapter in your life/hatered/person/mindset is right THROUGH it. (I might write a different post for it someday) That's the ONLY way in this entire world. So the only step I needed to take was, make my life switch that, that's enough.. I'm passing through this. Because I want it sooooo badly but not at the cost of my own sacrifice for infinite period.
The best part is that you can apply this principle to become successful to. Switch your mind by saying that - "I'm going to work 2hrs everyday on this project till I reach this desired goal. I will eliminate anything that becomes an obstacle to me during the process"
🔸Summary: Switch your mindset + Stay disciplined towards it = Changes your miserable emotional or physical life to dream life 🔥 -Alex O' Connor
Psst::::::I actually wanted to write something about #harrypotter but oh well may be next post haha