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Backdrop for our season finale.  Not shabby at all.  #spnfamily
When the remote control is right between your legs and you can't change the channel.  #twins
Just another Monday morning... I love this job! #slowmo #doubletap #spnfamily
I know we celebrated all weekend but I just had to throw out one last #happybirthday to my best friend on the planet.  I love you, D.
Found this from a year ago.  She thinks we're just having fun but I'm secretly teaching her some classic WWE moves.  #fbf #fatherfriday
Hey dad... or @JDMorgan ... I think one got away!!!
Comedy&Tragedy.  Those are MY kids alright.  #dadlife
Catching up with my old buddy Ty at Dallas Country Club.  It's a good Sunday!
Playing Darts!  In Nashville!  It's getting tense!
#family #happy2017 #spnfamily
Hey Jared...first off, its below freezing here.  Second, I don't have someone bringing ME iced lattes.  And third, put a coat on.  I'm no genius, but that might warm u up.  Now excuse me while I go change this child's diaper.  #livinthedream
Danneel, JJ and I are excited to announce the birth of our twins Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes. They were born early yesterday morning.Everyone is doing great!