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Thanks to all!  Season we go #spnfamily @jaredpadalecki
Day 1 of episode 250.  Here's to all those who helped make it happen.  What a ride it has, and continues to be.  Cheers.
And yes, it's winter here already.  #spnfamily
Always a great image to see just before you go to bed. 😳
See this fella next to me...he has my back.  Sooo...Your move.  Join us at  @jaredpadalecki #spn12
Happy birthday @robenedict ...and all this time I thought you were the puppet "master".
It's starting to cool down up here on set...Time to start sporting the new season 12 hoodies.  Get yours at
Happy #supernaturalDay everyone.  What a ride it continues to be.  I'll be FB live in a few.  Have some thoughts to share and something to show y'all. 👍🏼
A Squirrel and a Moose in the name...clever EW.  Clever.
Supernatural is filmed before a live studio audience.  #spnfamily
@jondorenbos just blew our mind.  Seriously!  What?!!! #agt
#Vancon2016.  Thanks for letting me play with you fellas.  What a treat.
They certainly don't make em like they used to.  #chevyimpala