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Jobs are plenty this time of year, with everyone cleaning up for Christmas! Don't fret if you haven't booked though, we always have time for more work! Just call 131 546 and book an appointment today!
Get them into it early we say!
You can always trust that the boys from Jim's Tree & Stump Removal will be prompt, efficient and safe!
Let the professionals handle your tree removals, so your car doesn't become the victim!
Let us take care of your palms before Summer rolls around.
Quick before and after!
Don't trip on those hazardous stumps! Get us to grind them away.
Almost done for the day...
Tag-team chainsaws!
It takes a lot of us to take a tree down safely- but if you want it done right, you have to have a great team!
Assessing the best plan of attack before jumping right into it!