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Quick before and after!
Don't trip on those hazardous stumps! Get us to grind them away.
Almost done for the day...
Tag-team chainsaws!
It takes a lot of us to take a tree down safely- but if you want it done right, you have to have a great team!
Assessing the best plan of attack before jumping right into it!
We're hiring in NZ! Check our our New Zealand FB page for the job description
Check out the size of that stump! Huge tree down thanks to the team; it was necessary as it was hanging over the customer's home on the other side 👌
That would make great firewood! Too bad it's nearly Summer 😂
Cheaper than a burn-off fine!
Our cutting and removal services are delivered by highly trained professionals at affordable costs!
That was a huge effort, but the team knocked it out of the park, as per usual!