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could you see the rainbow?
I know you see it and sure that u are aware.
senja ini, lewat jendela diramaikan dengan adanya pelangi. tidak lihat waktu, aku pikir matahari. ternyata hanya pelangi yang hadir dengan segala warnanya yang indah namun hanya sejenak.
and please, don窶冲 be like that.
See you, Tomorrow 汳
the things to always remember :
1. The past cannot be changed
2. Opinions don窶冲 define your reality
3. Everyone窶冱 journey is different
4. Things always get better with time
5. Judgements are a confession of character
6. Overthinking will lead to sadness
7. Happiness is found within
8. Positive thoughts create positive things
9. Smiles are contagious
10. Kindness is free
11. You only fail if you quit
12. What goes arround, comes arround
Anything else?
2017 is over. too much memories inside. tidak ada segala sesuatunya yang terjadi dengan kebetulan, melainkan karena alasannya. In the end, semua adalah makna yang tercipta :)
so, what窶冱 your resolution in 2018?
me? I窶冦 doing better.
Happy Holiday n may it full of happiness 沁
J J S ?
#ShotOnMiA1 沍ク
may all ur dreams come true. Happy u, Happy Birthday stephanie!
Green means go. Happy Sunday!