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my life is to sing.

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which one is your favorite expression?👀 #repost
i choose to be happy today🙂 #tbt
beyond the door, there's peace i'm sure.. and i know, there'll be no more tears in heaven... (Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven)
this is the picture of me and my daddy in 2006. My daddy has passed away in december 2011 when i was 11 years old from a lung desease complication. i remember the very last conversation between me and my daddy in the hospital. i asked him when he moved out of ICU "bapak, masih sesek gak nafasnya?" and he answered "nggak. ini bisa nafas kok /pointing his oxygen mask/ " . after that, i went out of the room,  and i didn't know that it was the last time I saw him open his eyes. i went back home with my sister and i slept.  at midnight, my mom called us that my daddy was back to ICU. i really afraid that i would lost my daddy for... forever. I surrendered to God and asking for strength from HIM over what would happen. in the morning, i went to school but i said to my sister to pick me up from school if something happen to my dad. at 10 pm, my teacher came to me and she said if there was someone wanted to pick me up back to home. in the home, i saw my brother came from Solo, and there was a lot of people gathered around my house. i asked my brother "bapak kenapa?? bapak kenapa??" but he wasn't  answer my questions and just went away, so that time, i really know what is happening. i cry.. a lot.. because I deplore why I haven't had a long conversation with him in the hospital.  I am sad because at that time, I haven't become anything as he wanted me to be. my daddy really wanted me to become a singer..
my daddy always hug me everytime i feel sad. he always said that everything's gonna be okay.. but when i was a child,  i was not close to him, i really felt uncomfortable when he grab my hand in public. now, when he is gone, gone for forever, i really want to close to him. sometimes i think like... if my daddy still alive, i would talk about my performance on the theater yesterday, or make a song cover with him because he loves to play piano... at the end, we just realize that we need a person when that person is already missing from the range of our eyes. so, for everyone who still have mom and dad, spend your best time with them before its too late.. and don't make they sad. 
well done, Bapak. God loves you more, so He called you to HIS kingdom first. Ca loves you👪
Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven "would you know my name if i saw you in heaven?" #happyvirusproject #siscover #indomusikgram #ivgsundaymusic #infiacoversong #vokalplus @indomusikgram @vokalplus @musicbookindo @infia_showbiz
gapapa backlight yang penting background nya bagus 🙂 #teamcaptainamerica
posting a photo without showing my canines👿😈
The Beatles - Hey Jude (2/2) this part is my favorite💣💣 JUDEE JUDEEEEE!! hahahahah

selengkapnya ada di twitterku ya :  @S_SiscaJKT48
heheee semoga makin banyak yang suka #happyvirusproject amin🙂

#siscover #indomusikgram #vokalplus #infiacoversong
The Beatles - Hey Jude (1/2) #happyvirusproject #siscover #indomusikgram #vokalplus #infiacoversong semoga sukaaa🙂
Glory Days💛👑
ini tadi pas lagi Mazmur.. kebetulan tadi direkam sama temen Gereja hahahh, jadi mazmur itu nyanyian tanggapan setelah pembacaan Alkitab. ada Mazmur tanggapan ( yg durasi lebih panjang) dan ada Alleluya (durasi lebih pendek)😇 btw aku bukan putra/putri altar (misdinar) ya🙈 
Coldplay - The Scientist.

cuacanya mendung.. enaknya nyanyi yang mellow terus leyeh-leyeh di kasur, yang penting hati nya jangan mendung ya😏

#happyvirusproject #siscover #indomusikgram #vokalplus #infiacoversong #coldplay #thescientist @indomusikgram @vokalplus @infia_showbiz