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Bali 🌴🌞🌊 x Jakarta 🌃 endorsement just DM

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Great night 💯 #latepost
Jangan lupa saksikan ftv " rahasia si motor bekas" pagi ini pukul 10.00 WIB di trans tv @transtv_corp
Never knew I'll be living in a place full of skyscrapers 💯 #jakarta
this place was really nice maybe cause kita ketawa" mulu 😂 @lunakrisnadewi (-) @silviapradnya2 @gitawidiastiti Sini main ke jkt
6 years of friendship 💕😘 thank you baby for always being there and I promised you I'll be there for you forever no mater what 💕
Cambodia 💯
It was a great night 💯💃🏻
Siem reap Cambodia - always love roads like this