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#StoryOfTheDay: Often, the gap between theory and practical is too wide; especially when it comes to interior designing. 
As our esteemed customer Pallavi discovered, Kataak can fill this gap by providing an interactive platform to create your own designs, using your own creativity and your own ideas.

In short, Kataak gives the power of designing to you!

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Ever wondered which is the most popular color in the whole Universe? Which color is least popular? And which color is disliked by both males and females?

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Now, revive the beauty and shine of your hardwood floor, without spending a fortune. 
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#StoryOfTheDay - Super Proud to be a Part of Pragya's new Living Room. 
We are pleased to announce the launch of our all new Living & bedroom Design Collection. Ready to check out the new designs? (Link in Bio) 
#StoryOfTheDay - Super Proud to be a Part of Herzig's new Living Room. http://bit.ly/2dgChIS
Which Kitchen Style do you like ?
Design more kitchens like these - http://bit.ly/2aCpm3d
We're absolutely excited & can't wait to unveil our New Stylish Living & Bedroom Design Collection ! #Staytuned #Launchingsoon
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What is the best wood #flooring for your home - Tiles, Wooden or Stone ?
Envision here - http://bit.ly/2aBdCAD #homedecor
#AnotherHappyUser - Its always a delight to hear from our users. 
Your Words make us smile wide :) Thank You !
Choose the Right Color Combos for your Living Room !
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What is the best wood #flooring for your home - hardwood, laminate or Vinyl ? Confused ? 
Find your answers here ( link in bio )
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