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i love to design pretty things. i also love juicy pear jelly bellies. 💌&🖥katygirldesigns.com • snap:katykristin


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you know those kind of friends where you can say something semi-funny & then they piggy back off of you? and then you go back and forth until tears are streaming down your faces and you think you're the 2 funniest people alive? that's @brookebarnett20. she's the Amy Poehler to my Tina Fey. and today is her birthday. not a day goes by that i'm not incredibly thankful that she's in my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Josie. i love you enough to learn the choreographed Sisters dance with you. 👭
i become a happier person when the leaves on this tree finally start to change color. #MilesandCunderthetree
[re•store (v) : return someone or something to a former condition, place or position.] EIGHT years of restoration in our marriage. eight years of hard work. eight years of grace. eight years of redemption. thankful for Scotty who has shown me such a clear example of Jesus. and thankful for the Lord who restored our broken marriage into something NEW. there is always hope.
these cute tags are the perfect accessory to add to any baked goods  you're giving away! think neighbors, teachers, babysitters, me....i don't mind one bit if you leave a loaf of pumpkin bread on my doorstep. [3 tag designs found in the shop! limited supply available:: katygirldesigns.etsy.com]
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i have to say that one of the most privileged parts of being a mom for me up until now has been watching the words on pages of books come to life for him. it never gets old.
i have a thing for black & white, twinkle lights, & chasing your dreams. ✨⚫️⚪️
...and also pumpkin bread. 🍁🍂🌻[print found in the shop : katygirldesigns.etsy.com]
NEW print in the KGD shop. 🌿because i need to work on these things on a daily basis. [katygirldesigns.etsy.com]
three •new• birthday cards just hit the KGD shop!! 🎂🌲😻i ain't even kitten about it. which one is your fave? [you can find these under the "birthday card" tab on the left side of the shop! katygirldesigns.etsy.com]
i sat here staring at this phrase for a solid 10 min trying to figure out what to add to make it prettier. but then i decided that sometimes simplicity is better. it's wednesday. we're halfway to the weekend. keep going.
my hair dresser & close friend just had the most beautiful TWINS! with a mom like @mbetcheverry, i have no doubt those babies will get voted Best Hair in high school.💙💗😍