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designer + hand letterer + business owner. i love Jesus, my family, paint brushes, coffee + suspenseful podcasts. visit the KGD shop here ::


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alright y’all. the KGD SPRING BOX IS IN THE SHOP! we can’t show you everything, because that’s the beauty of it. but this is a sneak peek of what’s to come. it’s a box full of spring surprises - think flowers, bright colors, inspiration, beauty & sunshine. you can read all about it on the KGD site. HERE’S THE DEAL: we only had 25 boxes & if you signed up for the newsletter you got first dibs. we are almost sold out - just a few left! we are working on restocking as soon as possible - but go grab one right away if you want a little sunshine added to your day. www.katygirldesigns.com 🧡🌼💛
this is Scotty. my friend @layyners took this picture & when i saw it, i felt like it captured him perfectly. he is always happy - even when something is hard. he is always smiling - even when there’s heaviness inside. he’s got a certain joy that is contagious. you can always count on Scooter to brighten your day & put a smile on your face and i think this picture is a perfect example of that. i just wanted it on my feed.🧡💛
it’s Monday. it’s a good day to shine your light.💡🌼 [print found in the KGD shop.💛]
i’ve been shivering all morning so the sooner spring can come, the better. bring on the evening BBQs, twinkle lights in the backyard, and reading by the pool. and also, a tan wouldn’t hurt either.☀️🧡🍍🌼🍹
a love note to my bed :: i’ve been thinking about you all day. it’s been 14 hours since we were together. only a few more til we’re reunited again. xoxo, katy 💚 [you can find this print in the BRAND NEW KGD SHOP! did you guys see our stories?? go watch! and go check out the new site!! the link is in the bio. and then come back tomorrow morning - bright & early for some good luck charms.😉🍀]
i 💚 these words so much. i’m so glad i got to letter them for one of @betweenyouandmesigns’ beautiful signs. working with Tara was a dream & i love the finished products! [you can find this sign & a few others we teamed up on in the @betweenyouandmesigns shop.]🌿
my friend @tacosandtees reached out to me and asked me to letter a new shirt design for her shop with the words “show up.” those words meant a lot to her and are part of her story (which i will let her tell), but it took me approx 3.2 seconds to say yes. because over the last year, those words have meant a lot to me too. there were [a lot] of crappy, crappy days there for awhile and there were a few friends that repeatedly showed up for me, no matter what. no questions asked. sometimes it was a meal, sometimes it was a babysitter, sometimes it was just sitting with me in silence while i cried. i learned so much about how to “show up” from these friends - one of the biggest lessons i learned all year. so i know this shirt means a lot to @tacosandtees but it means a lot to me too & i’m so glad i had the opportunity to make it with Julie. it is available now in her shop & you can use the code KATY15 for 15% off. go get one! and get one for someone who has shown up for you - i did! i hope you love it as much as i do.💚💚 [pic by the oh-so-talented @loriechambless]
just something to remember as we start out the week.💚🌿[prints found in the KGD shop]
gather round, my dear children, and let me tell you a story about how your mother forgot to water you all for weeks on end & you overcame. you stayed strong & beleafed in yourself. and because of this, i will never leaf you dry again.🌿🍃🌱
been thinking about my daughter today & some verses my worship pastor read from Mark 5 last night. he read a story about how a little girl was very sick & her dad heard Jesus was coming so he ran to find Him and begged Him to come heal his daughter. by the time Jesus got to the house, the little girl had died & everyone said it was too late. but Jesus said to the family, “stop being so afraid & just believe.” and He walked over & took her hand and said, “little girl, ARISE.” she immediately got up and walked around and everyone stared in amazement. •
•listen as a mom of a daughter, i believe it is my job to raise her as someone who is strong and capable. i also believe it’s my job to teach her to ARISE with the power of the Lord. to be [bold] for Him and [brave] for Him & always, always stand in amazement of Him - believing that in Him all things are possible.
•so here’s to raising daughters who become strong, capable, brave & bold women. and here’s to US being strong, capable, brave & bold women, too :: standing [together] in amazement, cheering  and praying for each other, and lifting each other up.💚💚💚
i love the way she looks at him.💚[most of the time. every once in a while she’s your average little sister & she purposely breaks his lego creation when he’s not looking.]
[new print in the shop!] scott & i got to go to this really amazing parenting conference last month & one of the things they said was that they always looked at this verse in 2nd Chronicles when they didn’t know how to handle a situation with their kids. the verse says, “we don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on You.” i really appreciated that insight and realized that is a verse that can encourage us in every situation or season we are in. SO....i did what i know how to do best & lettered it & made a print. you can find it in the shop at an intro price this week! [the conference we went to was @intentional_parents & i would highly advise going to it if you ever have the chance!] 💚🖌