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i love to design pretty things. i also love juicy pear jelly bellies. 💌&🖥katygirldesigns.com • snapchat:katykristin


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this MOH job is not for the faint of heart.👰🏼💎
if you build it, they will come. 👧🏼⚾️👦🏽🌾🥜🍿
had breakfast with my best boy at his school today. 💙 don't know how i got so lucky with this kid, but i'll take it.
SHOUT OUT to my fellow This Is Us watchers. this week's episode was tough, you guys, but we're tough too. also :: shout out to Kleenex and puffy eye cream, both of which were used immediately after watching. [greeting card & print found in the KGD shop, send it to all your friends who watch this show.]
listen :: thanks for all your encouragement on my parenting post yesterday. if i could, i'd buy all of us loaves of warm sourdough bread with garlic butter. then we could sit & chat about the good, the bad & the ugly. 😂🥖🥖["Carbs" greeting card found in the KGD shop!]
happy is a good word to describe celebrating @meguwood & her new babe last night! welcome to the world, sweet little Janie girl. you are so loved. 💕✨
fresh chalk.🌿i'm gonna be honest about something >> i am in one of the hardest parenting seasons i've ever been in. i'm usually pretty careful about what I share about my kids on social media because they don't have a voice yet to tell me what they want shared and what they don't. when they get older & look at the @chatbooks i print of all my pics, I don't ever want them feeling like their confidence was betrayed. just a personal choice i've made. but i want to be real about this because parenting is HARD and it's scary to admit that sometimes ... this season is tricky and oftentimes discouraging. i've cried lots of tears, lost lots of sleep & prayed lots of prayers from the depths of my soul. it's a season of learning >> i'm learning to be confident in my parenting choices and at the same time, to ask for help when i'm feeling lost. and most of all, i'm learning [once again-because i have to learn this often] that i will still choose to praise God's name even when it is hard, even when i may not understand, & even when i may not feel His closeness. so today...i'm going to repeat these chalked words to myself. and be grateful that God sustains us and draws near to us. [and p.s. if you're a mom in a hard spot - you're doing a great job. keep it up.]❤
it appears Dash loves checkered @vans just as much as we do.🏁
psalm 46:5 🖤
my husband is giving me the gift of peace & quiet today after a long, hard week. he's good at loving me well. you can find me here until bedtime. 🙌🏼✨🌷
heard it was #nationalkindnessday today! today we should all try to be kind all day long >> can't be that hard & maybe it will stick. 😉 [new kindness card found in the KGD shop!]
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