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designer, hand letterer + shop owner. i love Jesus, my family, paint brushes, coffee + suspenseful podcasts. visit the KGD shop here ::


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i can’t get enough of this kid. actually that’s not true. usually by the end of the day i sure am ready for a cocktail & about 3 hours of silence because 7-year-old boys are no joke. however, his smile lights up my life & i will never stop kissing him even when he says it’s disgusting.
i left my office for one minute.
LOVE DAY is ONE MONTH away & the KGD shop is stocked with cards galore.💌💌💌swipe to see a few & then head to the shop to grab your favorites. [you can choose one or your favorite 6] let us know which ones you love the most!💘💘
do you ever go onto the explore page of your IG & get lost looking at random pics until you realize you’ve wasted 30 minutes & you don’t even know who you’re looking at? SAME. the other day that was me & a beautiful picture caught my eye so i started reading the caption. these words hit home immediately >>> “there is no formula for grief. it washes over you, and you have no choice but to let it pour. and then like a wave, grace comes and washes over you too. and as it does a peace is ushered in - and even in the depths of your pain, you know it’s gonna be okay.” [@alonganinlandsea]
listen, i’ve been in the middle of this broken relationship with my dad for 2 years now - just gonna be real about it. the conclusion is not at all what i hoped for. a lot of times, just when i think i’m finally doing okay, grief & heartache will come out of no where. and the next thing i know, tears won’t stop with no explanation of how they even started. it’s like a pot of boiling water - a slow start & then suddenly bubbling all over the place. there have been a lot of things that i don’t understand about this situation & maybe someday i’ll share more. but when i read Anna’s words, i remembered that God’s peace - the peace that’s ushered in - goes beyond all of my understanding. it covers me & that becomes all i need. and that is what gets me through the difficult days. it’s hard & it hurts & there’s a lot of raw pain there still, but you know....it’s gonna be okay & that’s where the grace comes in. •
thank you @alonganinlandsea for your honest words. you have a gift & i’m glad i know you now. #kgsunparties
sometimes when it’s the middle of January gloom, i need this reminder. maybe you know someone that needs it too. maybe they also need some peach sparkling wine.🤷🏼‍♀️you should deliver both to them. [greeting card found in the KGD shop.💙]
it’s my partner in crime [& KGD] @sjaniejane’s birthday today!! if you’ve ever ordered something from us, you’ve probably noticed the packaging. the way there’s a hand written note in every order, coordinating washi on every item, a packet full of freebies, & everything handled with delicate care >> that is ALLLL Sarah Jane & i am so grateful for it. i’d truly be lost without her & KGD just wouldn’t be the same! and...she’s one of my closest friends & my life is so much happier with her in it. SO...let’s all wish @sjaniejane the happiest birthday today!🎂🎉 [p.s. these pics are some of my favorite memories of us.]
we’ve been busy over here dreaming BIG things for KGD in 2018 & i am so excited about it!💙we’d love to hear from you too! >> tell me...what is one product we sell that you absolutely love? [AND] what is something new you’d love to see us do this year? the sky’s the limit. can’t wait to hear your answers! here’s to dreamin’ huge.✨
just sticking to my end of the deal by adding flowers to the weekly KGD budget!😉💙
well, we made it through Monday! now only 4 more days until the weekend.💙we got this! [greeting card found in the KGD shop.]
HAPPY 39TH BIRTHDAY, SCOTTY! 3 things people love about Scott: 1. the sound effects he makes while telling a story, 2. the way every situation in his life relates to a Seinfeld episode, and 3. the passion Scott has for the Gospel & how he chooses to live his life in a way that allows others to see Jesus in him. LOVE YOU TO THE MAX, Scooter!💙🎂3️⃣9️⃣ [📷: @loriechambless]
“heyyyyyyy, bro...ten & two. TEN! AND! TWO!” -me in 8 years.🤘🏼🏎
one of those days where everything just came full circle.✌🏼💙🎡