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designer + brush letterer + business owner. i love Jesus, my family, paint brushes, coffee + suspenseful podcasts. visit the KGD shop here ::


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i love dreaming big with this one.👆🏼super lucky that i get to work with my partner in crime. love you, @sjaniejane! [just a little appreciation post.] [pic by @loriechambless]
halfway through Monday. only 4.5 days til the weekend. keep going.❤️ [card found in the KGD shop. just tap the pic & it’ll take you right there.]
a little reminder for this Sunday morning.❤️
love my girl.❤️
camden was feeling her pose in every pic we took & this is the 5th year in a row that i’ve worn this shirt. LET FREEDOM RING, YOU GUYS. 🇺🇸🔔🎆🗽⭐️❤️
time for july.📅⏰❤️ #kgdcalendar2018
love you, friday.🖤✨
saw this verse on @brookebarnett20’s story last week & i’ve been excited to letter it ever since. just a little reminder for your tuesday, in case you needed it. [psalm 77:14] 🖤🖤
i blinked...and this little stud muffin is now 8. happy birthday to Miles, my best guy: he is the sweetest. a great friend to others. he’s smart, athletic, ambitious, encouraging, and he has one of the most tender & unique relationships with Jesus that i’ve ever seen. this is 8!💚💙⚽️🎉
sliding my way into 37 like 🤘🏼🤘🏼......
today: smile at people more. compliment someone. hold the door open. let someone off the hook. pay for someone’s coffee. add your suggestions below.👇🏼🖤
they’ve got a good one.🖤 he’s fun, happy, crazy, a hard worker, and always the life of the party. happy father’s day, @bakoscott.
listen: if you’re like me & you had to stay off social media almost all day because maybe dad tributes are a little hard on your heart, you’re not alone. i understand & there is still some tricky & raw pain that sneaks itself into my heart on days like these. i’ve been dealing with a broken relationship with my dad for a while now & all i can say is it slowly gets easier. one day you’ll wake up & feel like maybe you can breathe a little again. and also God’s not gonna get you through it & leave you there to fend for yourself. so cling to that Truth & don’t forget that there is always Hope & that you are not alone. He’s right there & HE will never leave your side.❤️