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i love to design pretty things. i also love juicy pear jelly bellies.


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thanksgiving break. [anything for one moment of peace & quiet, ya feel me?] ⛺️🦃👫
i’ve been thinking a lot about things i’m grateful for & i keep coming back to one of my dear friends. she’s not someone i talk to every day, we don’t even talk every month. but she’s someone that is teaching me a lot about what it looks like to love people with no boundaries, judgements or expectations. she’s met me on almost every path i’ve walked down this year - some very, very painful paths that have often felt isolating. she fed my family when we were selling our home, she brought ice cream when we were remodeling our new one. she showed up to the hospital when my son was in surgery - even though her husband had just gotten home from a business trip and even though i insisted she didn’t come. she has listened when i’ve needed an ear & she’s graciously spoken gentle truth when i’ve needed to hear it. she’s the type of friend i want to be - the kind of person that “leans in” & embraces others when the going gets tough instead of avoiding them because the solution might seem inconvenient, difficult or unknown. she teaches me a lot about what it looks like to “love God & love others” -  the end goal & what we should all be striving for. out of everything Jesus has asked us to do for Him, these two things are what he said were the greatest.🖤// new print in the KGD shop - a reminder to myself & all of us of something that we should be working towards every day.
it’s Monday. this is a good reminder. ❤️ [holiday print found in the KGD print.]
LISTEN UP!!👂🏼this week is the biggest week of the year for KGD and we have TONS of amazing things planned! we are super excited! we wanted to give you a quick head’s up >> there are less than 30 calendars left of each style [wood blocks, refills, flips, etc.] - some styles only have 10 left. if you’ve had your eye on one - we think they will go QUICK this upcoming weekend so make sure to get one while you can. [we won’t be restocking!] AND....a lot of the fun this week/weekend will be exclusive to our Instagram stories, so make sure to watch! let us know if you have any questions! you guys are the best and we really appreciate you. [calendars shown above are the scripture & quote wood block styles] 📷:@jonahandlindsay
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR: go see this movie ASAP. take your kids to see this movie. we ALL need it. i cried the whole time, even Scott cried. the book and the movie taught me so much about how to be a better mom & a better human. it’s already provided such good conversation with Miles. such powerful lessons for ANY age. it was just so, so good.❤️
we’ve been working on the KGD holiday photo cards like crazy!💌🎄(I’m trying my hardest to stay on top of them while on vacation!) have you gotten yours yet? there are 30 options in the shop but these seem to be pretty popular. ❤️ DM us if you have any questions about how it works. happy Saturday! [katygirldesigns.etsy.com]
she’s been delivering love letters today.❤️💌 [also: has Minnie been using Lash Boost?]
just really happy.❤️✨
she wanted to show them her new skirt & he was like, “aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?”✨❤️
[p.s. i had to ask Scott for a Stormtrooper quote because i don’t speak that language.] #kgdizbiz
been waiting for today for a whole year.✨🏰❤️ #kgdizbiz
do you think he nose i’m leaving him for 5 days? 💔 vacation is calling my nameeee! [normally though, i’d give anything to sit in my favorite little nook all day & read.❤️] #howyouhome
shouldn’t be as hard as we make it.🖤