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Jangan sampe lewat! Provoke in The Garage #26, 
Jumat 28 Oktober 2016 di Provoke! HQ, Panglima Polim X No 16. 
Bakal ada penampilan kece dari 
dan @piecepofcrime!
Start from 3 P.M

Dan ada juga Highschool Garage yang siap memanjakan kalian semua dengan beragam jajanan menarik
Pokoknya nggak ada alasan lagi buat nggak dateng ya! 
my typical Saturday night😜🍣
blessed beyond words✨☺️
#finalnfirst16 ✨
Greetings people! 
I'm Kei and my friend Rafi
Are member of Class Representative period 2016/2017.
We proudly announce that the next parliament is about to begin, it means:.
As a voters, We'd take this opportunity to invite you all to vote for the right leader. A leader that not only can lead us but also work with us, that's why we should all vote for Aditya Prathama for the better future of 26 Senior High School. .
Use your rights to vote!
Choose number 1!! YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE !.
I'm Kei ready to be the Representatives of Provoke! (REPRO) Volume 11 Jakarta
moi green and white chicas💚
kyutie scars on my nose 😽👃🏼 #yaudahlahya
#bts ✨
" I can do all things through Him who strengthens me"
not-so-ready😢 •bapaknya sampe ikutan pusing•
let's cheer it!🎀💚