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The portfolio of the creative solutions designed and fabricated by Peter Krsko and Collaborators for people who aim to make the world a better place.

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Learning science through art. Improvising and finding the hidden shapes. Fresh air and open skies. Smiles. Young minds are hungry for realness. #arteducation #steam #scienceart #zoethica #powertools #woodworking #publicart #sculpture
The week two of the sculpture construction is starting for the students from Performing and Visual Arts Program / Studio 39 in Annapolis MD. They are working on a large wooden piece outside of their building. The weather is a challenge but their determination is motivating. #studio39 #annapolis #maryland #sculpture #artivate #arteducation #zoethica #scienceart
Happy Pi Day! Interrelationship between science and art is more important than you think. Create a new tool to make art and new ideas and new theories will be generated. The carving above revealed the geometric and universal rules that cause hexagons to emerge when you intersect seven circles. The intersection of two circles is a perfectly straight line. That is the secret of bees and wasps. Want to know more? Make art + study nature. Thank you @wilhelmaj for the photo. #zoethica #science #art #scienceart #beehive #honeycomb #pi
Revisiting this sculpture in Studio 39 in Annapolis. "Exoskeleton in Situ" (2016). It was built with the students from this after-school program. #studio39 #aacps #sculpture
I was suddenly left with nothing in my hands but a handful of crazy stars.
~Jack Kerouac, On the Road
It's night be the flame 
And the red that colors the clouds 
Good day sir Good evening madam 
You don't look your age

What does it matter if your embraces 
Make the twin stars bleed 
What does it matter if your face is painted 
if hoarfrost glitters on the branches

Of granite or marble
Your age will show
And the shade of the great trees
will walk on your graves. ~Robert Desnos #studio #workinprogress #woodworking #carvings #sculpture
The first maple sap and maple syrup of the season! #sweet #maplesyrup #maple #grateful
It was going on five in the morning
The ship of steam stretched its chain to shatter the windows
And outside
A glowworm
Lifted Paris like a leaf
It was only a long trembling scream. ~Andre Breton.  The sculpture Torro (2016) is weathering pleasantly.
Sculpture of @lifewaykefir splash at the yoga event Buddhas & Bellinis in Miami Beach. #photoactivation #interactiveart #marketing
Excited to be back at UW Madison campus this summer: 
Course: Integrated Arts 310/610
Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence Studio
Topic: Zoethica: Bioinspired Art and Science
Instructor: Peter Krsko
Dates: May 21- June 15, 2018
Day/Time: Monday-Wednesday, 9am-5pm
Credits: 2 | Limit: 16 students from any discipline |
Prereq: None
Splash of #lifewaykefir at Buddhas & Bellinis Yoga Event in Miami Beach FL. We love making art to be played with.
Mother Goose latest report: the record setting 1650 miles from 5am Thursday to 6pm Friday with a driver's blackout from midnight to 4am in the middle. Constant uninterrupted 60 mph with 6.2 L diesel 350 transmission (no overdrive and stupid ratio big differential)  8 breaks at the truck stops, 80 gallons of diesel. Healthy 20.49 MPG #squarebody #crewcab #longbedmafia #squarebodynation #62diesel #chevy #airforce #grateful #palmtrees