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Poetry of natural science shared via participatory and biomimetic art

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Honored to be a part of this beautiful exhibit in Edward Rendon Sr. Park at Festival Beach as a stop number 558 during East Austin Studio Tour @bigmediumaustin. Please come experience our sculpture "Astron" (collaboration with @slokeone) together with other amazing pieces until November 18th, 2018. It was wonderful to stroll through the park with all the artists and Dead Music Capital Band @deadmusiccapitalband 
Big thank you to Anna Bradley and Cultural Arts Division Austin @cityofaustinarts for the support and opportunity to create our art.

Artwork by: 
Rebekah Rauser @rrauser
Jamie Spinello @jamiespinello
Adam Owens #adamowens
Nick Schnitzer @big_bismuth
Adrian Aguilera @rarospeinadosnuevos
Betelhem Makonnen @betelhemmakonnen
Agustina Rodriguez @agimiagi
Elizabeth Farrell @twopluscollaborative
Clare van Montfrans @twopluscollaborative
Nathan Nordstrom @slokeone
Lawrence Jolly @lawrencejolly 
Allyson Lipkin @dddagger

#publicart #austintx #eastaustinstudiotour #sculpture
During the time of butterfly migration, the sculpture “Astron” is moved to #eastaustinstudiotour. It is being setup in a beautiful location along Colorado River in downtown Austin TX. When we were moving it, we noticed clouds of butterflies above our heads. Each year, over 180 million Monarch butterflies migrate south to Mexico. They can fly hundreds of miles a day. Each season, the fourth generation lives considerably longer than the previous three with the goal to complete the journey that can be 2500 miles long.
Thank you all who came to @fermentationfest and played music on XylemXyl. For more info about the event please see the most recent edition of PBS News Hour
Longer Shadows | Quiet Flavors | Diffused Fog
It is a great surprise to find these guys still moving in the cold weather. Note the legs being folded up. Spiders use a precise hydraulic system that is used for extending or opening motion of each of their eight legs. No room for muscles in a leg that has seven joints. When temperature drops, their pump (heart) pulsates slower, the pressure drops and their joints naturally curl up. This brightly colored beauty is Marbled Orb Weaver. Also called Pumpkin Spider. Happy Halloween.
“Para Z” is the newest piece from the series examining the relationship humans have with trees. Is it mutualistic or parasitic? In Lincoln Park, Chicago with @chicagosculptureinternational @chicagoparks and The Bureau of Forestry / City of Chicago.  #publicart #chicagotreeproject #zoethica #lincolnparkzoo #trees
“Astron” is a temporary public art installation commissioned by Austin Art in Public Places TEMPO Project. Created by @slokeone and @krskocreatives
“Porcupine, whom one must Handle, glove'd, May be Respected, but is never Loved.” ~Arthur Guiterman
...bird view coming soon
Hericium erinaceus (Lion’s mane) has escaped from the inoculated logs to the wilderness.
“Thing” (2018) was born from a collaboration with Franck Feurte @tiofranckfeurte , Brian Bender and Wormfarm Institute @wormfarm_institute for Art/Farm DTour 2018 @fermentationfest. You have an opportunity to view this #sculpture until Sunday.