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*looks at the actual image* πŸ‘€ *looks at the artwork* Erm... @claudio_peeters, has anyone ever told you how incredible you are! 😍❀️️
That's right, you guessed it..
β€ͺDown under! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ίβ€¬
I'll let you come take the wheel, long as you don't forget... #power
"EQUALITY"- noun
the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities."
That is what POWER means to me. People should not be discriminating and stereotyping others for the colour of their skin, race, gender, sexuality or religion. But instead loving and appreciating each other for the power of their minds and the kindness and love in their hearts. 
I know what it's like to be wrongly judged to sometimes not feel like your good enough and you find yourself trying extra hard to make people like you. But what I realised is that your only ever going to be happy when you stop trying to gain approval and just be yourself and be happy with who you are and never listen to anyone telling you otherwise. 
I am so proud to be a woman, proud to be mixed race and I am urging everyone of all races, sexuality, gender and religion to unite, stand together and love one another. We all have the POWER to do that.

Leigh x
Now you've had exactly eight months to take in the masterpiece that is #GloryDays... Tell us which song is your absolute fave and why? πŸ‘€
When @rjamez.the.v recreates your #power look... wow 😍
Just cause you're packin', packin', whoop, down south..that don't mean I'm ever gonna take it laying down 😘
Shout out to the @Lionesses πŸ“£πŸ™Œthey're gonna smash the Euros this summer! Show your support for the girls by sharing a salute using the hashtag #Lionesses #spon
Thank you @Wallsicecream @Cornetto for our Pez’s birthday cake! It looks amazing! 😍