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It's life and life only. Terminal Cases out NOW!

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Recent record pickups. Is it weird I'm most excited about that Beautiful Stranger 12"? πŸ˜‚Very shagadelic
WOW just met the Ambassador of Japan! He was SO nice and said I can come back whenever I want
Display this photo at my funeral
Spoiler: she falls in the end #BeforeIFall
"My mom says I have a real good shot at becoming famous cuz I'm not conventionally pretty, I'm quirky! OH BROTHER!" -Victory Clarke Dugan w/ @lizgillz @contentmonster
Step into my office, baby #ブルック
Silently contemplating the dichotomy of man as Pokemon. When I look inside I see......... Me-owth, that's right.
iM 0n the 0utsIDe ... iM l00king iN. Photo credit @jerobinson
You're next.
Thanks, as always, to @laeyeworks for the sweet new shades :)