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"Ask yourself,are you alive or just breathing?"
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I'm not pregnant but I'm still eating for two ; me and my inner bitch. She likes burgers.
At night I have all this motivation to get my life together and become a better person but then in the morning I'm just like "Nah"
the purpose of a text is to get a reply within minutes I mean if I wanted to wait I'd send you a letter through a fckn pigeon instead
BESOK! jangan lupa dateng ke #YTFFID di Atrium Gandaria City😊 Kita akan perform jam 16.15! ini gratis lhoooooo tanpa tiket  jadi dateng yaaaaa!! see u tomorrow💜
If you laugh really loud, talk spontaneously, and you don't care what your face looks like, you're probably with your real friend.
i literally only eat burgers, i have a problem🍔
Why must crushes be so hard to get like come on I may be ugly but I text back, I'll listen and buy you food😊
tryna keep it real
kindly follow my second account @megan.domanii 💙
people need to understand the difference between want and need, like i want a hot body but need chicken nuggets.