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Lover, Rescuer, & Re-Seller of vintage goods found while traveling in my junkin' van. Antique booths in Mooresville, IN.

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I told you guys I loved those Coke notebooks I bought so much I bought some more! Aren't these fantastic?
When you're clearing out your freezer cuz you're moving... dinners look a little something like this.
Some of my buys from this weekend! Swipe ⬅️ for more!
Some of my buys from this weekend! Swipe ⬅️ for more!
It was a great afternoon at Victory field cheering on the @indyindians!
The greatest city in racing! #indianapolis #indy500 #indycar
One of the other dealers brought in this French paper mache store display. This is pure nightmare fuel. I mean, look at the blank stare and creepy crippled hands!! #nightmarefuel #creepyAF
It took all my willpower not to buy this adorable plastic bank. What is the max you would pay for this?
Here's what I did with the scotch tape display!
Wish I had found more than 2 of these!!
Another display I picked up! I already had one of the folding baskets!
Ugh. Obsessed with this scotch tape display!!