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Thankyou GoGirl! For the really cute stuff! Happy 13th anniversary GoGirl! Aku dapet semua barang2 ini dari Majalah Birthday Edition GoGirl! Yang isinya :
- 1 totebag
- 2 lipstick Mizzu
- 1 hair conditioner Emerom
- 1 pouch Natasha!
Bisa langsung diorder for only 189.000 aja looh!
This facemask is so goood👌 
Dari bahan alami jadi aman dan ampuh ngilangin masalah kulit, go try it out!!🍃 @organic.kefir
Commit treason is fool🥂
Have courage, babe.
"Cheese 3 kali ,
Cheese cheese cheese" ❤
"Like dessert, yeah.
A man is absolutely not a necessity" -Cher
Greetings to all classical enthusiast! Come with me and my fellow friends as we give a tribute to the icons this year at Labs Recital 2018! Prepare to be serenaded by our artiste as they perform their version of the icons. Come with us as we travel down the memory lane and reminisce the music that shapes our time🎻
The event will be held on 9th of February at Usmar Ismail Hall. Grab your tickets now before it runs out!
LINE@: @xxm5573t
Instagram: @labs.recital
We'll see you there!
Give a tribute to the icons at Labs Recital 2018 🎶
Lumba-lumba 🐬
and the close up version