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I am my own ghost haunting the memories i love the most

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i never understand why you held me when you were afraid of warmth_____you should have known i was a fire from hell
plant kisses on my body so in time i can grow to love myself as you love me
The last 3months,you often call me with angry,you hit my phone with that anger-chat,you told me that i dont respect you anymore.

Darling,you fell so hard for the feeling you made. you're afraid of losing me and being neglacted. 
You think a lot of reasons why i would do that someday.

i love you,i love you with all your flaws, i love the way you scared of losing me.
because i know basically you just don't want to be an option.
Relax,baby your not my option. you are the lead of my step from the past-to the future.

then love me hearty,

and it's not just words, but my world will always end up to you.

__3 April,2017
Is it wrong to be
This young and
This tired? "All your life is ahead of you"

They say,but
Mine feels
far behind

__11:30 pm,
((it's okay to be a drama sometimes))
baby i got a hungover by your love
Lovely night with lovely people.happy birthday,ninađź’•
Tentang rindu;
coba kamu tanya jarak,ruang,
dan waktu
mereka yang bersalah! 
bukan aku
tell me what it feels like to have me lost in your heart
if you dont like the way her lips curl when she smile,please stop wastin' her time
so,love could make people gets sad all the time and trust no one?