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im an Atychiphobia•(n.) fear of failure ; fear of not being good enough

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drama me version 2
awalnya gue mikir di sweet17 gua sama sekali gaada yang special,gitu aja,flat,lurus aja,angin lewat doang.and then you guys turn the table on and makes what all i thought is WRONG and you-guys-is-succeed on making me feels like im the luckiest drama queen in the world😌 makasih udah selalu ada di tahun tersulit gue ini,makasih udah selalu disamping gua disaat semua orang ngejauh,makasih udah selalu bukain pintu rumah kalian kalo malem2 gue butuh tempat buat nangis2 dan tidur,makasih udah mau nemenin gua yang gaada plus nya sama sekali,bego,tolol,makasih selalu dengerin keluhan gua,makasih udah selalu ngasih gue jalan keluar dari masalah,you guys is so irreplaceable:')❤️💜💙💚💕💞💓💕
sebenernya bajunya samaan..❤️❤️❤️
there's one thing you should know about love,this is for you,if you read this,being in love isn't always rainbows and butterflies with smile filled with happiness. There are some nights that you'll scream at each other,cry,feel the anger burn in your chest. what matter most is how WE FIGHT through the hardest time to get better.
this is the important thing,that you really MADE me happy in my 17th birthday😊

and here's my 'thank's giving' for you
-thank's for correcting me when i was wrong
-thanks for teach me how to get high score without making a trouble
-thanks for the love and care you showed
-thanks for the confidence you have in me
-thanks for all the advice you told me
-thanks for lead me into a better person
-thanks for loves me the way i am
2016 maybe could be my worse year ever without YOU in it,

me love you @hendyrey
i posted this with love, @ninahmdh
sup 📷:@hendyrey
why is it so easy for people to rebuild a walls?
trying to look calm
*2am and started imagine everything*