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Hot waffle fresh from the oven with a milk chocolate bar on top (if u like it,then we friends🌹)

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heartbeat necklaces,braid hair,kinda look like a perfect match for first date aren't i
scent of.....grass?
gendut 1990
call me vacay
10 things i hate about myself rite now;
1. i will go to college and this is means i'll have a distance with my family,because im not living my home sweet home anymore
2. im growing up
3. im growing up
4. im growing up
5. im growing up
6. im growing up
7. im growing up
8. im growing up
9. im growing up
10. im growing up
I HATE GROWING UP I MEAN i always wanna be the old me,daddy's little gurl,the little nuggets me😢
the sun shining bright..
A lot of things change:) but not the fact that im a princess❤️
Hati-hati dijalan,hamidah. aku rindu
im at level 30