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Talk about a big dream,mine is about sharing a lot of love to everyone. are you too?

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Terjaga,untuk menjaga
Menangis,untuk membuat senyum
Mereka ini malaikatku, jangan ganggu!
There I was again tonight
Forcing laughter, faking smiles
Same old tired lonely place
cosmic before you
“who do you look for when someone says love,
because i look for you,
a black thick haired playful boy, 
who feels frowning makes him look much better 
than when he laughs endlessly at my stupid jokes.

who do you think of when someone says love,
because i think of you,
a smart, loving individual,
who finds solace in a beef steak and football games 
than glasses of alcohol and loud music that is currently trending.

what do you want when someone describes love,
because i want you,
with your strong arms around me,
cuddling under the firework skies every new year
instead of different boys on different festivals.” @hendyrey
"why do we do this to ourself?" Chloe ask as she ran a hand through her hair
"what?" Zenda replied it coolly as she balanced a cancer stick on her lips
"killing ourself with alcohol,and cigarette and drugs and all this suicidal bullshit!" She shout out in frustation

i closed my eyes, took one long drag of the cancer stick and expertly exhale the smoke up in the air
"you feel regret because i influenced you to do this? dont you think we were friends just to using each other to feel less lonely?"
when u wanna be a bbgirl but u can just be a bblgum:(
but it's sad when youre the only one who TRYIN to
scent of.....grass?
gendut 1990
call me vacay