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We held a press conference for the Fukuoka event at Smyperfect TV Headquarters. Please visit our official website for further details. 
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福岡の街を背景した「RIZIN 2017 in FUKUOKA -秋の陣-」 ポスターが完成しました!
#RIZINFF #RIZIN2017 #秋の陣
RIZIN 2017 in FUKUOKA Aki no Jin poster is revealed! It was created with the Fukuoka city's image.
Horiguchi stopped by the office and signed one of the RIZIN gloves. I would like to give this away to one of my SNS followers.
2 months until the Fukuoka event. Keep your eyes on the Aki no Jin event! 
#rizinff #rizin2017 
#rizinff #rizin2017 
RIZIN, and RENA's journey in becoming the first ever women's Grad-Prix champion has begun. Make sure to witness RENA's journey and challenge in becoming the icon of women's combat sports!
8月26日(土)新宿FACEで開催されるDEEP JEWELSは今までとは違う緊張感に包まれると思います。賞金総額1,000万円が懸った、RENA選手が待つRIZINグランプリの出場権を賭けて石岡沙織選手と浅倉カンナ選手が激突します。文字通りサドンデスな一戦は一見の価値有りです。
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The atmosphere for the DEEP JEWELS event on August 26th will be nothing but tense. Satoru Ishioka and Kanna Asakura will face each other to determine who will be entering the Super Atomweight GP where the total amount of 10 million yen and RENA awaits. The outcome of this fight will affect both fighters' career tremendously.
アンディ・ウィン選手は、昨年末のRIZINの舞台で山本美憂選手に勝利した事で大きな自信を得た様です。現在3連勝中の彼女は、女子のMMA競技会では最高額の賞金がかかるRIZIN GPで優勝し、母親に親孝行したいという大きなモチベーションもあるようです。
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Andy Nguyen has improved in a great way after defeating Miyuu Yamamoto last year. Her performance this year has been flawless. She is highly motivated in capturing the gold set for this tournament to help her mother and family.
RENA's opponent for the first round has been determined as Andy Nguyen! Being the KOTC champion, Andy is no pushover. This is going to be a tough fight for RENA, but she seems confident and determined to win this GP.
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#rizinff #rizin2017 
Kanako Murata won both single bout competitions and in the open class competition in the blue belt division for the 18th National BJJ competitions held yesterday.
Dan Henderson has told me that the time he spent in Japan, was something very special for his career. He will step in the ring for his grappling match against Sakuraba with his emotions towards the Japanese fans. The dream bout between two legends who will never cross pads again, will face each other on October 15th in Fukuoka. 
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I have many opportunities to interact with promoters and fans across the globe, and I get the same feeling about the respect everybody has towards Sakuraba. What Kazushi Sakuraba has contributed to the MMA scene is magnificent. I am very excited to see what kind of performance he will show us in October, for the grappling match.
#rizinff #rizin2017 
#rizinff #rizin2017 
August 8th (Tue), we will announce RENA's opponent for the first ever woman's GP held on October 15th in Fukuoka. Please look forward for the announcement.