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Wouldn't trade this life for another! ☀
• yogi • travel junkie • coconuts •
🐾 @cruising.with.hudson
🌏 @nshah4
📍Austin, Texas
❤ 香港 ✌🏻️

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I'll have a bowl of spaghetti with a side of puppy sauce🐾 @cruising.with.hudson.and.rook
And then there were two 🐾 @cruising.with.hudson.and.rook #zilkerbark
Happy birthday to my favorite alien who literally thinks we are here on earth as a social experiment run by extraterrestrials. 👽
I'm kinda ok celebrating your birthday from here because NOBODY WANTS YOUR TEQUILA- KIM! #drinkyourowndamntequila
Big fat yum.
Goodbye Vegas, see you never.
Kissing single life goodbye like later losers!
Played poker for the first time and surprised myself by lasting 2.5 hours in a tournament. My disguise worked! 
Power to the bride who came 3rd overall. 💕
Burning up in Vegas for #thegreatshahsendoff 🔥
So good I came back and doubled up! #nom
Lookin for dem sharks in the lake 🐾 #zilkerpark
Killin it! 🖤 #lowcountrylowlife #livingthatfitlife #nom
We ready for you #america 🇺🇸