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Wouldn't trade this life for another! ☀
• yogi • travel junkie • coconuts •
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📍Austin, Texas
❤ 香港 ✌🏻️

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From coast to coast and still brunching with these same old faces. #booorrringgg
Follow your heart 🙏🏼 #getinmybelly
Happy #internationalyogaday! 🙏🏼
Pick up the practice for the excuse to collect more yoga clothes than you could ever need and hopefully develop a humble sense of humor along the way. #growwiththeflow
I know it's already Wednesday but it's never too late to tell your dad you love him and that he's the absolute best, oh and absolutely full of surprises like this video of his first ever attempt at a pull up. Saaay whhaaat?! Happy Father's Day 爸爸,我❤️你!@patccwong
Puppy love 🐾
Who needs a pool when you can have this! #atx #gooutside
Happy Memorial Day weekend y'all! 🐾
I can confidently say that if I were ever put on death row, this would be my last meal on earth. #nojoke
Second time watching this musical and am again wishing my life calling was to star in a broadway musical ⭐️ #pickme!
Neal making moves.▪️▫️
So much pretty in the city. #nyc
Watching smart people graduate thinking- play ball? ⚾️ #NYU