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Wouldn't trade this life for another! ☀
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🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY NEEEEAAALLL! 🎈Imma hold you forever and ever. 💕#stucklikeglue #nealandbonnie #shahbang
El Grand canyones!
Excuse me train but you're in my way 🐾 #petsofinstagram
Who dees party crashers?
Mentally preparing to camp in the snow ❄️ #whyisitsnowingneal #roadtonowhere
My favorite snuggle buddy keeping me warm. 🐾
I can't believe this place exists! 
We rented a little speedboat and explored the canyons and caves. I didn't get a shot of our team in actions but we cooked up some mean peanut butter pancakes while drifting in this giant crack in the earths surface.  #pancaketime #hangry
📍Lake Powell, Arizona
This place feels like make believe.
Sun bathing puppy totally not appreciating the epicness that is around him right now. 🐾
Sitting here at the edge puts time and patience into perspective for me as the Colorado river slowly carved this bend over millions of years to create this beautiful world wonder. 
I'm pretty sure a Dinosaur was standing here thinking the same thing.
There is never an inappropriate time to stop, drop and make guacamole!
Thank you Zion campsite for our 4 nights under these beautiful mountains and Utah stars. 🌟🙏🏼 --> Arizona we go!