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Wouldn't trade this life for another! ☀
• yogi • travel junkie • coconuts •
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Thankful for my boys 🐾 #thanksgiving
Friends from coast to coast! ⛵️#friendsgiving
All hail potluck #friendsgiving! 🔥
Back to living on the west coast and already sick of seeing this girl on the weekends 💕#enoughalready #loveyoureally #rossica
How bout we don't do Monday & hop back on this party prison bus for round 2 instead 🖤 #rossica
Feeling all the feelings with my love at #rossica! 💕
This beautiful beam of life got married today!! Wo ai ni! 💕 #rossica
A serious girl gang of powerful souls 💕 #girlpower #TAMMAKESJAM
A gift from Mother Earth 🌵

On our walk to the vortex we ran into the sweetest crazy man who reached into his pocket that was filled with an abundance of energized crystals to pull out a heart shaped rock for each of us. He meditated to fill these rocks with healing reiki energy and proceeded to play us a song on his flute which he called love. #TAMMAKESJAM
Love me some teen beans ❤️#TAMMAKESJAM
Where to begin to process this magical weekend where we all got lost together in the red rock mountains surrounded by over powering vortex energies, cleansing rituals, illuminating crystals, countless shooting stars and all these beautiful beaming lights to celebrate #TAMMAKESJAM! ✨#TamCanMakeYourRedRock  #getinthekitchenwoman