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Wouldn't trade this life for another! ☀
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An epic 72 hours in Bangkok to celebrate this blushing bride! 💕 #kimithaithai #kimibangkok #loveyoulongtime
Experiencing the other side of Bali.  Relocating from the Ubud jungle to the #Seminyak sea side to be with this super cool girl gang to celebrate #meghen! 🔔👰🏼🎉 #bali
Who wouldn't take the time to practice if it meant hanging out in this beautiful yoga shala! #bali #theyogabarn
My little mediation hut 🙏🏼 #theyogabarn #bali
This place is pure magic!! What a treat to sneak away to  practice and stay at the yoga barn in #Ubud, #Bali. What a little piece of heaven on earth! 🙏🏼 From the moment I dropped my bags off in their guest house, to stepping outside to the sounds of ohmming coming from the jungle, I was immediately exploding inside with yogi bliss. ✨
We had a beautiful relaxing day yesterday jogging through the HK countryside, exfoliating in mud baths and rearranging rocks... NOT! #spartanracehk
Starting a 6-week fitness challenge today and getting ahead with my meal prep! #sexywinterbody
Dear world, never trust this couple. They walk around with tequila in their pocket! #danger #goaway #pureevil #whyamiattaz
Aww I personally think I'm a super easy, go with the flow, super chill kinda vibe of a person but I guess I could possibly.. maybe.. perhaps just actually might be a pretty intense, hyper active and potentially all over the place crazy lady. 
I wonder what my husband thinks...
D R O N E S! #fpvracing
Practiced and taught yoga tonight in my rainy day @holisocks! Get ready for the double typhoon HK 🌧 #rainydays
A huge thank you to each and every one of you who participated and we would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support. Now, it is time to announce the WINNERS for the #HKYOGACHALLENGE !
winner of the prize from @floatonhk >> @lorlee
winner of the prize from @holisocks >> @lulumatilda
winner of the prize from @mycupoftea_hk >> @charlotte_lovelifehk
winner of the prize from @chemsifoods >> @wsdyoga
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