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Artistic director for theatre xpressionz, dancer, Actor, writer, choreographer n lecturer.


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The true color of nature.
Remembering Mexico city with my #fyahfamily @paocerecedo @archfyah and @sislock at this powerful workshop showcasing our Jamaican dancehall culture...I started with old school and ended with new groove...in dancehall we dont do steps..we do moves. Pay attention to the flow in the body.  #keepdimove #keepdigroove #xpressionzfamily #xpressivemoves #xpressionz_world_a_dance
29sec of pure energy... This is how we attack the streets with dancehall routine from the original #xpressionzfamily watch the professor n @dansabling F#@% up d party. #yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah #boomearlysunday @billboardselector  @iconn4thgenna
Rise above your problems... You are here for a reason...make your life count. #xpressivemoves #xpressionzfamily
I've been an established name in dancehall in Jamaica from 1995 and my popularity came in 1997 when I met @richiestephens2 he helped to develop the name Orville Hall in dancehall... The rest is history. 22yrs of consistent success as a dancer/choreographer.. There is none with a better record.
Focused on tonights opening performance of @dahliaharris new Jamaican revue "A Dat a Gwaan Jamaica" at the phoenix theatre 8 hanning road. Showtime 8:30pm been a while since I've been on stage as an actor. Make sure you come see the production. Fri, Sat n Sundays. Check d press for details.
#tb 5yrs ago couple up King&Queen @shellyxpressionz n the professor a show dem d SWAGGA. 100% undiluted dancehall. #xpressionzfamily #xpressionz_world_a_dance
Opening tomorrow limited run.
Multitalented. Going back on stage as an actor...Jamaican revue entitled "A DAT A GWAAN JAMAICA" by @daliahharris opening tomorrow at the Phoenix Theatre 8 Hanning road....at the studio studying lines.
100% undiluted dancehall. Yes we can do major productions here in Jamaica to showcase our local talent. Nuff respect to the @jcdcjamaica for hosting the world reggae dance competition that gives dancers an avenue to move to the next level. Wi Dweet fi d LOVE wi nuh dweet fi d likes.
Good fren better than pocket money. Dem tink a chattinz. @dansabling n the professor. #winuhsehfriendswisehfamily #xpressionzfamily
On this Day an Independent nation was born and every step has taken us to where we are today. We strive to survive, 55 and happy to be alive. Happy Independence Jamaica.