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Artistic director for theatre xpressionz, dancer, Actor, writer, choreographer n lecturer.


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We're out in the world, giving thanks every step of the way. Jah is our keeper. #xpressionzfamily #xpressivemoves
OUT NOW!!! LEVEL UP Album by RDX @rdxmusic Available on ALL Digital/Online stores.  Prod. By: @apt19music #xpressivemoves
Easily the most viral 100% authentic dancehall video on the Internet...80s dancehall by the Professor. At @dancehalldreamcamp 2018 February 5-14 students will be in for a treat, the DHP will take you on a historical journey..book now. DM @shellyxpressionz or email theatrexpressionz@gmail.com and follow @dancehalldreamcamp page for updates.
Here we go!!!! The Females that will be representing at 🌴DANCEHALL DREAM CAMP🌴 February 5-14 this is an Epic line up. Make sure you book you place early because you don't want to miss the Reality series edition of DDC. DM @shellyxpressionz or email theatrexpressionz@gmail.com and remember to follow @dancehalldreamcamp page for updates. More surprise teachers n lecturers coming soon. @dancehallhostel @desharavers @dancingrebel_dec01_myparty @intdhq_danger @the_original_tc @twinstarzz_alii @twinstarzz_lee @shanice_xpressionz
When your dancers record a song weh get visa ina one month. what started as a joke is now becoming a real trend. GPA (good pussy anthem) by 3ple S from Xpressionz @stacyxpressionz @shellyxpressionz @shanice_xpressionz big up @dancer_kse_ for your rendition. Respect. Looking out for more videos. Listen to full song..link in my bio.
"Betta Bounce" by @cojohotfoot_shellaposse ft @rdxdelomar_shellaposse @rdxrenigade_shellaposse moves shown in video #bettabounce @shankyequanoxx @larry_equanoxx @winkyequanoxx #traffic @waky_traffic47 #Rocksuh🇯🇲 @orvillexpressionz #ghettostep @chin_overload_skankaz
UNUH COME LOOK HERE!!!! @shellyxpressionz fit like fiddle...how shi du dis😱😱😱😱 not even me can dweet.
The Professor n the 1st lady @shellyxpressionz hosting tipa tipa Saturday in Reunion Island...clean like wi bathe Ina holy water.
Going live from reunion island party in 10min...freestyle djs bad
The 1st Lady in Action in reunion island, creating history being the 1st jamaican female here and opening doors for other females in dancehall. Moves taught in her class. #lifitup #gwaanwidyuself🇯🇲 #rudewine #oneknock #shellybounce
Would like to say respect to @qraigvoicemail for being the 1st to record a song for #Rocksuh🇯🇲 bless up mi genna...also want to show respect to @rdxrenigade_shellaposse @rdxdelomar_shellaposse n @cojohotfoot_shellaposse for sending it out in the dancehall, big up mi bredda @dansabling who constantly encouraged me ..I am humbled by this because I've always supported other dancers moves so bless up the ones supporting my 1st hit dance move. Always a put een d #work @srilanka11rifical @godzilla_bosstrice  #rocksuh #rocksuh #rocksuh #rocksuh xpressionz a how yu bad suh.
The 1st Lady @shellyxpressionz saw this place n said this would be perfect to shoot a video, so she decided to do @elephantmanja new song "gal wine fi mi" look how shi neat. real dancer. Flawless. ele d gal dem agu love da one ya.