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Artistic director for theatre xpressionz, dancer, Actor, writer, choreographer n lecturer.


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MAD MI MAD NOW!!! So this is where I draw the line!!! Met this bredda Link 1st in France then again in Russia last night...was told he was a big deal in hip hop so naturally I show him respect...now all respect gone! "NOTHING IS FROM JAMAICA" ? are you mad!!! These dances that Bogle was doing that became popular came out of our traditional folk forms...long before your soul train n what ever else you talking about...so correction " EVERYTHING IS FROM JAMAICA" even the founding father of Hip Hop Dj Kool Herc... If you don't know don't talk...even the bullshit you showing people for Bogle dance is rubbish because the focus of bogle dance was the waistline not that hand in the air foolishness you demonstrating... Rockaway, willy bounce, worl a dance all 100% Jamaican from.the streets of Kingston. If you want to know the strength n richness of our dance then I can give you a free lecture on the evolution of the Jamaican music n dance...from Mento Ska, Rock steady and Reggae...long before dancehall... All the moves traveled through the eras. Know unuhself yow!!! @dansabling @stacyxpressionz @cosmicelite @rificalnickytrice
Mi General n Bredda @dansabling showing his level of versatility.... Confrontational dancehall...mixing middle school with new school steps..look out for the #groovinking in Mexico in November and Dancehall Dream camp in Kingston February 1-10 Book Now!!!! #XpressionzFamily #xpressionz_worl_a_dance
This is where I make the magic happen #TheDanceFloor after DHQ n DHK competition in Moscow. #xpressionfamily #xpressionz_worl_a_dance
If a October n Moscow a gwan su!!! Mi nuh waa deh ya Ina February⛄⛄ 1st lady @shellyxpressionz n @alevanille naw tek nuh chance...@jiff_bossman used to it but real general jus Ski Ina d cold😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
That look after a long flight n ya hol a meds before representing your country. DHK n DHQ competition Moscow Russia... #bigupproductions #dancehall #teamxpressionz @stacyxpressionz @anna_anne @jiff_bossman @shellyxpressionz
Dancehall Duty. #Moscow #Russia #DHQ & #DHK competition. Soon forward. Bless up mi bredda @dansabling on his way home from Argentina and  @shellyxpressionz on her way from Israel to Moscow. @stacyxpressionz taking care of business at home. Its a family affair. #TEAMXPRESSIONZ #XpressionzFamily #xpressionz_worl_a_dance
As much as i motivate and inspire others I am also motivated and inspired by those around me...this is what keeps me going....the energy and respect from the young Gennas.... I will dance until my feet say dance no more....big up to my #XpressionzFamily @geminai_endevarous @mr_endevarous @junior_endevarous and my Dancin son @sashixpressionz watch n learn these steps the come learn them from the creators at DANCEHALL DREAM Camp Kinston Jamaica February 1-10
DANCEHALL DREAM 2017 February 1-10 Kingston Jamaica... Get ready for one of the baddest New School performance dancehall group SUPREME BLAZERS @killerbean_versatile and his team will be showing you how they keep the flow in new school dancehall. Just watch this powerful routine and remember to book your spot now.
Spots are filling up. BOOK NOW!!!! DANCEHALL DREAM 2017 February 1-10 Kingston Jamaica. #XpressionzFamily #xpressionz_worl_a_dance
DANCEHALL DREAM 2017 February 1-10 meet your teacher. The beautiful, sexy and talented @chinny_unique the creator of the hit new school female step #whinedropNdip song by @therealrazorb. This young lady is carrying on a tradition in dancehall that defines female dancing and that is waistline movement... Females you are in for a treat. BOOK NOW the spots are going fast. Inbox Orville Xpressionz on FB or here on Instagram you can also inbox @shellyxpressionz or email theatrexpressionz@gmail.com
The young XF Gennas dem working out...crazy energy. @geminai_endevarous @mr_endevarous @sashixpressionz @marcovaughan1 look out for these dynamic new school dancers at Dancehall Dream camp in Kingston Jamaica February 1-10 BOOK NOW!!! #XpressionzFamily #xpressionz_worl_a_dance #DDC

This is going to be EPIC as @taztimeless makes his debut teaching for the 1st time anywhere in the world. This is one of the dancehall generals. With hit dances such as 
and his brand new dance #MadMove✔ with the new single featuring Dancehall Doctor @kingbeenieman 
Book now and don't miss your chance to learn from the best Dancehall teachers in the world. Inbox Orville Xpressionz on ig n fb for more info.