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Artistic director for theatre xpressionz, dancer, Actor, writer, choreographer n lecturer.


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RDX not happy with tuff_a_lie Yva's acceptance speech after winning best dance move of the year for "LOL"....saying they didn't acknowledge the song that help to make the dance a hit. What are your thoughts....give your views on Xpressionz worl a dance tomorrow at midday on INSTA LIVE with the Dancehall Professor.
When the Lion Roar!!! Straight "BEASTING" #healthylifestyle #dynamiclifestyle 
The #XpressionzFamily young gennas @sashixpressionz @marcovaughan1 and @mr_endevarous took 10min to put this routine together...Still in rehearsal...full video soon. 
Remember DDC summer edition July10-16 Kingston Jamaica.
Save the dates. 
It's gonna be a HOT summer, with some kool things to do

DDC will be up n running n making many Dreams come TRUE. 
DANCEHALL DREAM Summer edition. 
Book NOW!!!!
Think about your life....are you fulfilling your purpose? 
If not then you're just alive but not living.  #leavealegacy have a spiritual Sunday.  #dancehall_professor
Bottle flip challenge between the Professor @stacyxpressionz n @dansabling Dansa Bling Score!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁💯💯💯💯 have a laugh. #XpressionzFamily #xpressionz_worl_a_dance
Can't emphasize enough how much I love n respect them for standing with me all these years and helping to put dancehall dance on the map and showing how classy women in dancehall can be and also how we could move from a group to an institution. With a brand that is recognized world wide...they've paved the way for so many and they continue to develop themselves, their brand, their community and island. 17yrs strong and still relevant. @shellyxpressionz n @stacyxpressionz I salute both. True Dancehall Empresses. 💯💯🔝🔝
Dancers support this New dance n New talk by @dansabling it's called #TopDat d streets a tek it on...#topdat or #stopchat. #dancersunite #unityisstrength
The hot foot specialist @cojohottfoot_shellaposse with the Professor along side @dansabling @shellybellyrealpage and #energy holding a vibe at boasy Tuesday to @rdxmusic hot foot. The song n dance taking the streets by storm.
#indstreets #XpressiveMoves
I close all my camp classes with this song "The Prayer" by #MungaHonorable, because of the message and spirituality attached to it. In everything I do, I give thanks.

This year at DDC I was surprised when he turned up to do it live for us at the dancehall clash...and big up miss Laurel aka the worl boss (my mom) 😄😄 these are the unexpected surprises you will get at Dancehall Dream Camp in Kingston Jamaica. New dates July 10-16 2017 BOOK NOW!
@tressyaka_ravage mad history on Friday February 10th when she became the 1st winner of the DDC Klash in Kingston Jamaica.

She was one of the most observant student on the camp...she didn't even dance much at parties...but in the end she used all she learned to be the winner. #behumble #student #oneloveonedancehall #xpressionz_worl_a_dance NEXT CAMP DATE JULY 10-16 2017
Mark the dates.... JULY 10-16 2017 the summer edition it "Naw Gu Nawmal" (not going to be normal)
Extra special surprise in store.GET READY!!!💯🔝 Full information will be on Instagram @dancehalldreamcamp, FB and our website www.dancexpressionz.com #XpressionzFamily #xpressionz_worl_a_dance