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Artistic director for theatre xpressionz, dancer, Actor, writer, choreographer n lecturer.


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Swipe...🌴DANCEHALL DREAM CAMP🌴 the @reggaesumfest edition July 14-22 you don't want to miss this. The package is super attractive...it includes.
✔ Accommodation
✔ Ground transportation
✔ Entry to all Sumfest Parties (including dancehall night 1&2)
✔ Classes
✔ Dancehall Symposium
✔ Historic Site visit
✔ Lunch

This is truly EPIC....start booking now.limited space. Email: theatrexpressionz@gail.com or DM @shellyxpressionz @orvillexpressionz or @dancehalldreamcamp
I've done so much for some many and most times all I get in return is them being ungrateful. The good thing is my success and  development is not dependent on how they feel or what they say about me because...."Den Neva Real From Mawnin" this is why "mi agu stay far from dem" 
New music coming from @sashixpressionz listen out.

Song: ungrateful by @shaneo876_world_balla_

Dancers: #shappyxpressionz  #sashixpressionz

Choreography: the professor.
Mark the date, our next hostel hangout is Friday March 23rd and we will be premiering @dmajormuzic video"vibes and also shooting the video for #rocksuh🇯🇲 so all dancers and visitors roll out n come hol a vibe with #xpressionzfamily @dancehallhostel and @redbullja
Posting tomorrow at 2pm....are you ready?
On any given day at @dancehallhostel you will see the stars..."from den til now" dancehall cya stall. OGs n young gennas. @blk_chiney_tnt @princeblackeagle @legendary_colocolo @cojohotfoot_shellaposse and the professor. a hol a vibe at the hub for dancers. Remember next hostel hangout is March 23rd.
Book for 🌴Dancehall Dream Camp🌴 now and enjoy an all inclusive package that takes you to every party and stage show night at @reggaesumfest 2018 you'll enjoy: ✔ Beach Party Night
✔ All White
✔ All Black
✔ Sound Clash ✔ Dancehall night 1
✔ Dancehall night 2

Also including ✔ accommodation
✔ ground transportation
✔ classes
✔ historical site visit
✔ dancehall symposium
✔ lunch

Limited space available. Email theatrexpressionz@gmail.com or DM @shellyxpressionz
Get Ready for the most EPIC DANCEHALL DREAM CAMP...the sumfest edition. 🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊 🎉🎊 @reggaesumfest in Montego Bay
Package includes:
✔Entry to Sumfest parties every night
✔ Classes
✔ Accomodation
✔ Transportation
✔ Symposium
✔ Lunch
Be apart of History and Experience this phenomenal event! **EARLY BIRD SPECIAL**
Email us at theatrexpressionz@gmail.com
When I travel to teach its not just what I give but what I receive from the students. London was powerful and spiritual...they gave  their hearts and I received the love. On behalf of myself, the 1st lady @shellyxpressionz and the entire #xpressionzfamily I say thank you Emily from @dhorigins I am sure this will not be the last time we work together. Love n respect to all the teachers and students that turned out...for those who didn't I hope to see you on my next trip....stay tuned.
Let's take you back to our 1st studio. There was so much soul in this place...it set the stage for all that we have now. Big up mi bredda n business partner @dansabling showing them how wi move from just dancers to business brothers. #xpressivemoves💯🇯🇲 #xpressionzfamily
After watching Black Panther in London. Showing love to my Queen. #BlackLove #Beautiful #wakandaforever✊🏾 song: whonana by @javadamusic @iamchrismartin
They make dancehall so refreshing to watch. @dancexpressionz led by principal member and choreographer @stacyxpressionz doing wonders to this track by @thecham ft @missoifyounasty "get drunk" powerful presentation. 
Dancers: Stacy Xpressionz  @shanice_xpressionz 
@orignal.momo shot on location at @dancehallhostel
Safe in London. @dhorigins are you ready. Dancehall cya stall. 1st lady @shellyxpressionz on her way. #xpressivemoves💯🇯🇲 #xpressionzfamily🌍