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Ik wens je het allerbeste mijn broer, we zien elkaar weer snel 👊🏾
All the best brother, we'll see each other soon 👊🏾
Force à toi à mon Frero on ce retrouvera très bientôt in sha allah @MemphisDepay @manchesterunited
Dope! My PP Line almost sold out in a day. Tweet a phrase with #ppbomber saying why the Jacket must be yours and I'll choose two winners (valid in twitter only) @manchesterunited @adidasfootball #🙏🏾
C'est fou! Ma collection presque en rupture de stock en 24 heures! Tweet (au Twitter) et dis moi pourquoi tu mérites la veste bomber. Utilises #ppbomber. Je choisirai 2 vainqueurs le 19 janvier 👊🏾 @adidasfootball @manchesterunited #🙏🏾
C parti le lancement du PP 🙏🏾 PP collection is in the house #neverfollow @adidasfootball @adidasfr #Dieumerci
#💩happens... That's when we need be strong. I'm here, ready to fight and ready for the next one!!! I'd like to thank the supporters who are always there and keep believing in me. At least we did not lose. Never stop fighting 💪🏾
En mode emoji 👊🏾 emojing myself @manchesterunited #VirandoEmoji #POGBA #neverfollow
On se voit bientôt 👊🏾 Paris see you soon #PP #pogboom #lapioche #neverfollow #noforno
Leon often flies from Australia to watch our matches and I was lucky to meet him by chance. Merci for the support my friend, and merci to Old Trafford's Manchester United megastore's team for taking care of our big fans 👊🏾🎩 bon dimanche à tous! @manchesterunited #superfan #neverfollow #australia
PP x @adidasfootball #pogba #pogboom #comingsoon #neverfollow #ACE17 #lapioche #arrivebientôt #táchegando @mhdofficiel
Foot d'hiver ☃️ winter foot @manchesterunited #quefrio
Tag a mate you always beat in Fifa 🤣 @rlukaku9