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just seen this on my timeline.  As lovely as the idea is.  Please take into consideration that some people in the audience of The Vamps were at Ariana that night, like myself and i know 4 other people, and it’s hard enough us going into that arena without having to have more memories brought back.  My mum will be in there (sat seperate from me) and for her she finds this song very hard to listen to.  She doesn’t need reminding.  Like I said.  It’s a lovely idea but please think about other people in the arena that this might be hard for.
she’s so cute!!!!
literally just watched a horse give birth outside my house.  welcome to the world little one (this was before the birth)
2 tickets for The Vamps Manchester (5th May) for sale.  Block 212 row H seats 8&9. £16 each.  @thirlwallhq is selling them
VAMPS FANS.  what’s brads fave colour??
what is happening 😭😭
continuing on from my last post (now i’ve eaten i can post properly). I think it would be lovely if people downloaded Wake Me Up by Avicii on itunes.  He deserves a number 1.  RIP ♥️
i understand the Ariana just brought out a new song after what feels like forever and yes the song may be linked to Manchester but personally I feel like this week the number 1 spot should go to Avicii.  So please help him get a number 1.  Ariana can get number 1 next week when a great musician hasn’t passed away.  Ariana got number 1 closer to manchester for the victims 💕
it’s been nearly 4 years since she followed and i’m still shook every time i see this
ITS AMAZING OMG.  She addressed the situation so well.  I cried but I’m so happy idek