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bought an unofficial Ariana Grande book today.  The last few chapters are about Manchester 💔
let’s go 💃🏼
a year ago today  this is a screenshot of my friends video and this is how Perrie looked at me.  It honestly makes me smile so much
5 months 💔 not a day passes where I don’t think about it and cry.  The worst night of my life. It replays over and over every single day and I still don’t know how to stop it.  RIP 22 angels you’ll never be forgotten 🐝
look at Disney holidays for in a months time.  I’m so happy omg it’s looking promising
actually crying this is the funniest @perrieedwards @jesynelson @leighannepinnock @jadethirlwall @littlemix
throwback to this iconic day
can people stop complaining that UK get more.  They’re from the UK.  They’re based in the UK.  UK fans are who got them through X Factor.  They’re most well known here.  It’s not the girls.  It’s their management.  All management see is money and where do they get most of that?? UK.  also having a go at fans gets you nowhere.  I can’t help the fact i live here.  You can’t help the fact you don’t.  When International artists come to UK.  Most completely miss out Wales and Scotland and others think the entire UK can get to London.  I’m not being horrible.  I’m just saying.  Because as a UK fan we get so much hate just because of where we’re from.  Like. We can’t help it.  It’s not our fault
she trying to kill me @perrieedwards
i have my next 3 tattoos planned omg now it’s getting one of them hahah.  and getting them all booked
forever blessed they posted this.  forever thankful Leigh and Jade stood right in front of me
she could punch me in the face and i’d thank her