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In a 🌎 of competing narratives which makes it hard 2 figure out what 🕋Islam really is, pull up a 💺 & join us 2 find the truth!


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Which one defines #terrorism: The nature of actions or the identity of victims? 🤔
🔹If it was not a burden on my nation, I would have decreed that they should brush their teeth before each prayer.
-Prophet Muhammad

How can we reach new heights without remembering our ancient #roots?🌳
What's the deal with religions & #polygamy?
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These #Detroit black Muslims are rocking the Halal life!

Your average teenager👦 with slightly different concerns... #DontJudgeMe🚫

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Does it have to be your baby girl before you #DoSomething?😟😞
What would it take for you to put your #LifeOnTheLine ?
Behold! Verily, there is no good in red skin or black skin, but rather only by virtue of #righteousness. -Prophet Muhammad
"To #Give, or Not to Give"

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From those of us with recollections older than president #Macron himself.
-Prophet Muhammad