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What an incredible feeling to share so much of my heart with you guys. Terima kasih banyak, Malang ❤️ You guys were awesomeee!!!!
I've had so much fun with my bangs but it's time to grow em now 🙆🏻
Missing this little girl so much ❤️
Keseruan #OPPOxRaisa Handmade Tour di kota Surabaya! Loving my playful @monicaivena dress ❤️ Besok, gilirannya kota Malang!! See you guyss ✨
#OPPOxRaisa Handmade Tour Surabaya was beyond awesome. Thank you guys for the amazing energy you have shared with us last night. Crayyyyyyy!!!!!! ❤️
Rehearsals #OPPOxRaisa Handmade Tour
Persiapan terakhir utk #OPPOxRaisa Handmade Tour 2016 Surabaya ❤️ @ishahening
Why am I so happy? Because today is #OPPOxRaisa Handmade Tour 2016 Surabayaaaa! Tickets still available on The Square Ballroom (2PM onwards), open gate 5PM, showtimeee 8PM ✨
Surabaya! Are you guys ready for #OPPOxRaisa Handmade Tour 2016???
One place, thousands of Instagram spots 😍
When the setup is pretty but the signs are not, you upload anyway 😂
Jangan parkir sembarangan ✔️