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When gold looks more like blush. I never got the hype of wireless charging until I chanced upon this wireless charger in Japan. And believe me, it needed convincing for me to give in and buy. Well, guess what? Best purchase ever! This is the answer to "disposable" charger cables!
Hit the beach today cos it’s a long weekend! Don’t forget to bring you Belo SunExpert products with you. I know I won’t! ☀️ Wanna try these for free? Head on over to to see what’s in store for you ☺️ #BeloSunExpert #WinningSunscreen #CompleteSunProtection #SampleRoomPH
Rest in peace now, lola. I love you. - your favorite apo
When you see it 🤪 #SimoneSays
Madame Baby is happy with her latest loot from @BeloBabyLove! We are excited to use the wet wipes because I’m such a hoarder when it comes to wet wipes! Try these peoducts for free by visiting @SampleRoomPH! #BeloBabyWipes #BeloBaby #SampleRoomPH
"New" workstation. DND. Will not welcome any redemption today. Only additional funds will be allowed! 😂😂
Masarap in fairness! JPY89 lang!
What to hoard on when in Japan. I love Huggies but Merries is something else! It’s half the price in Japan making it cheaper than Huggies so we hoarded! We were supposed to get L but the only the tape ones were available so we got M instead. It still fits Madame Baby so should be good! 😍😍
Three floors full of makeup! 💋💋 #stylenanda #3CE
This toddler can’t be stopped! Walking all day errday!
Someone is busy with her new snacks from @theqt_baby 😂 #SimoneSays
What happens when your architect takes forever to reply. So I guess I have a new job hahahah