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The all-new Moringa-O Herbal Anti-Dandruff 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner is now here to naturally end your white flaky hair foes! Made with the soothing extract of Rosebay, it naturally reduces sebum production on scalp and the appearance of adherent and non-adherent dandruff! It also contains Malunggay, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Argan Oil that provide gentle yet effective solutions to keep the hair and scalp healthy and moisturized. Plus, it’s non-drying for the hair and scalp as it’s lighter, milder, and more natural than other leading anti-dandruff brands! Try them for FREE at 👍🏼 #SampleRoomPH #BlueMoringaO2 #MoreNatural #BeDandruffFree
Madame Baby sleeping peacefully in her new ride @looping.philippines 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 #loopingph #loopingphilippines #travelwithsquizz
Happy 1st birthday, @heavensimonegarcia! ☺️☺️☺️
Calling all mommies! Please show this to your husbands! End of story. I'm sure 99% of dad will want these life-sized lego in your house! They have 3 sets. One set can be turned into a study while the other set has wheels. This is the latest product of High and Mighty! Get your own edublocks at the Grand Baby Fair while it's on sale! #GrandBabyFair2018 #GBF2018 #mommyblogger #mommybloggerph
And of course, supporting a partner brand! Aveeno is one but 1 take 1. Go hoard, #OAMom!
Another product that we hoarded on: baby bottle & dishwashing cleanser. This is the brand we are currently using and we like it so far. The baby bottle cleaner smells so good. It's supposed to smell like coconut but it smells like watermelon for me. Basta guys, mabango sha! For our dishwashing soap, we switched to Cusina because it's cheaper than Joy! Wahahaha! And it doesn't smell like detergent. #GrandBabyFair2018 #GBF2018 #mommyblogger #mommybloggerph
New find at the baby fais is this baby snacks called Nosh Baby They have 4 flavors to choose from but we only got 3 flavors as the 4th flavor is for 2yrs old up. We also got to try them and they're so tasty! We already opened the other box (thats why it's not on the photo). The flavor is Strawberry and Beets. And just what I had expected, Madame Baby loves it! They're packed by 2's and comes with 13 packs inside the box. #GrandBabyFair2018 #GBF2018 #mommyblogger #mommybloggerph
We have made the switch! Our choice of baby detergent is Cycles! The Stain Soaker is the BEST detergent ever. It can really remove stains. The scent of Cycles is to die for, too! It has this baby-bubblegum scent that just smells so darn good.

We also hoarded on Cycles wet wipes. You guys, it's made of 3 mild ingredients only! The 80 pulls pack is on buy 2 take 1 promo while the 30 pulls pack is on buy 4 take 2 promo. We did some calculation and decided that Cycles has the best promo for wet wipes. 😊

Excure the blurry photos. I was carrying Madame Baby while taking photos.

#GrandBabyFair2018 #GBF2018 #mommyblogger #mommybloggerph
Next to Merries, Huggies is our next choice of diaper for Madame Baby. It's very absorbent yet keeps my baby's bum dry. It does not sag even when full of pee! And it's not bulky on my baby's bum compared to other diapers! #GrandBabyFair2018 #GBF2018 #mommyblogger #mommybloggerph
Current favorite: K-Mom diaper! I’m loving this to bits. It’s really dry and most of all, baby’s bum does not get any rashes even when I don’t get to change her full nappy right away (the cons of travelling back and forth). #motherk #kmom #mommyblogger
Look what I got at @mumsyavenue - a new bib! It may look big on me but i love it cos it covers my upper body and catches my mess instead of it falling directly on the floor. Mumsy Avenue is a family concept store. They offer very affordable items that have very good quality! So, to my aunties and uncles from the south, please drop by Mumsy Avenue located at Santana Grove, Sucat, Paranaque. 😊 #SimoneSays
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